Getting around the work-arounds

Cutting-edge veterinary technology that no longer means you have to just ‘make it work’.

By Read Hedditch

In the veterinary world, finding the right technology that will deliver the best result for specific applications can be challenging. As a result, having to use a ‘work around’ to get something done is an unfortunate reality. One of the most creative ‘work arounds’ I’ve come across recently – and one that confirms that we really do use our smartphones for everything – was the use of a phone camera as a dermascope.

However, having to use ‘the next best thing’ in your work means that you’re compromising your ability to make decisions confidently, diagnose accurately, and offer your patients the highest quality patient care.

A photo taken with a phone camera does not provide the kind of dermascopic clarity and resolution you need to make confident diagnoses.

Similarly, using just an otoscope to examine a patient’s ear means that you’re unable to capture and store images of what you see. As a result, you’re making decisions based on only what you see at the time, and can’t share what you see with others.

And let me ask you this: how many times have you lost revenue from not being able to even ‘make it work’? For instance, when you have to refer even the most basic eye ailments to an eye specialist because you didn’t have the right equipment to make an informed diagnosis.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

So what should you be using?

Ideally, the kind of technology you use in your practice should be:

  • Purpose-designed;
  • Veterinary-specific; and
  • Easy-to-use with a range of animals.

While finding exactly the right technology for specific veterinary applications may be challenging, when you do, it’s something to get excited about.

So when I found the Optomed Smartscope VET2, I was pretty keen to share it with you. You see, the common veterinary problems I discussed above, the lack of a specific dermascope, otoscope, or ophthalmoscope, weren’t chosen at random. These are in fact problems that the Smartscope can solve for you in your practice.

Unparalleled multipurpose veterinary digital imaging

The Smartscope VET2 is a digital multipurpose camera that provides general, ophthalmoscopic, and dermascopic imaging in a hand-held device. It also:

  • Is light-weight and easy-to-use with nearly all animals;
  • Has a large, on-device display that means you don’t have to look away from your patient to see the images;
  • Can upload images to your PC or PACS via a USB connection; and
  • Captures high resolution still and video images for better diagnostic ability and to easily share them with colleagues.

The Smartscope is the only tool of its kind in Australia, and we’re very excited to be introducing this technology to practices around the country.

If you are experiencing any of the issues I’ve described above, or are interested in understanding the potential the Smartscope VET 2 represents for your practice, please give me a call on 1300 596 664 or send me an email on


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