Equip your practice to position as a vet of the future

ARO Systems to present at the upcoming AVBA Annual Conference

The AVBA Annual Conference will take place on the 11th, 12th and 13th of September 2013 in Melbourne and will provide Vets, Practice Managers and Owners with valuable insights around improving their practice management systems to meet new industry demands.

Read Hedditch, Founder and Managing Director of ARO Systems, is delivering a keynote presentation that will offer clarity around how they leverage technology to gain better integration and efficiency within their practices. Read is passionate about reducing the administration burden on vets and enabling them to spend more time with their patients, and sees technology as a vital part of making this a reality. His discussion is entitled, “Equip your practice to position as a vet of the future” and includes insights around:

  • The current environment;
  • What possibilities the future holds;
  • The technology roadmap for a modern vet practice;
  • The steps to take right now; and
  • Anecdotal case studies revealing the results vets have experienced so far.

With almost thirty years of experience in the medical imaging industry, Read Hedditch’s expertise in medical and veterinary equipment is incomparable. Read’s previous adventures at Medical Applications and Agfa Healthcare gave him a comprehensive understanding of the problems and needs that surround equipment investment in the healthcare environment.

When Read launched ARO Systems in 2001 as a service-oriented medical imaging solution provider, entering the veterinary space was not a move he could have envisaged. Entering the market at a time when the landscape was dominated with adapted medical tools which were poorly suited for veterinary use, he is proud to have been part of the early push for vet-specific imaging equipment. Eight years later, he continues to help vets modernize their practices and ready themselves to meet the demands of the future.

Always keen to stay on the cutting edge, Read is constantly in pursuit of the latest technology to better facilitate and automate veterinary practice management. He partners with many leading vendors to always have the very best on hand.

While Read’s extensive background in engineering and electronics makes him the ideal person from whom to receive technical advice and recommendations, it is his passion for tailoring solutions for each customer’s needs that makes him truly stand out as a leader in the industry.