About Us

Why ARO Systems?

The Pain We Solve

We work with vets and medical radiologists are currently struggling to migrate from film to digital imaging. You are likely to be facing the following issues:

  • Not having enough time or expertise to keep abreast of the technology.
  • Trying to decide which system will satisfy your needs while delivering a good business return
  • You want to be sure that you can get up to speed quickly with the digital imaging software
  • You are balancing the needs of your practice with a tight budget.
  • If you do upgrade you then have the problem of disposing of your old equipment.
  • Finally how will you get support when you need it so this critical piece of equipment is always operational.

The Best Solution

You get solid advice about the best digital imaging solution for your business. You get the training and to ensure this technology is fully leveraged and can take your practice to the next level of customer service. The whole process is hassle free, affordable and you feel secure that if you have any issues your service provider is only a phone call away ready to help.

Why we are the Best Solution Provider

Let us take the pain away! We are the experts in digital imaging solutions for the medical and veterinary markets. We know our stuff! Our personalised service and our legendary response times have made us known throughout the industry for the best support. We can assist you in selecting the best digital imaging solution for your business, and then we go a step further! Rather than just leave you to it, we will get you set up, train you and your staff and be there 24×7 to ensure you are maximising this investment as a core part of your business for years to come. We will even dispose of your old equipment environmentally! This is too big of an investment to get wrong. Come to the experts. Do it once. Do it the right way.

Our Values

Service Excellence

We are experts service. We honour our commitments every time.


We pride ourselves on continually developing our staff.

Customer Focused

We are highly responsive to customer needs. We are mobile, fast and easy to deal with.


We are open, adaptable, co-operative and committed to being our best.

Our Vision

We are committed to providing the highest level of service, support and solutions for customers with consistency, quality and in a timely manner.