ARO Systems Heads to The 2013 AVA Annual Conference – Cairns – 26-31 May

Here we go again !

We will be there again this year at the AVA Annual Conference, come and see us on booth 12. Last year Canberra, this year Cairns, the contrast doesn’t get much better.

Talk to us about solutions for digital imaging, especially the VET-WEBX and the possibilities to integrate this with your Practice Management software.

See how mobile devices will be coming to join you in your day to day business in the future

Have a look at our super high quality medical displays for superb image quality. Be amazed at the difference !

Consider the latest offerings for CR and DR and how you can make it work for you. Look at the possibilities for x-ray equipment and plan ahead. Talk to us about the pros and cons of all options.

Ask us questions about radiation safety and see if we can help you out. And if you are still on film and chemistry, ask us about that as well.