Australia 2nd globally for smartphone usage:Google

We like our new found tools a lot:

For some time we have been talking customer about smartphones and tablets and their place and usage. The uptake in Australia is second only the world behind Singapore which means we are not scared to use this technology. It has significant implications for businesses that are ready and prepared to engage with their customers via smartphones and tablets. Make sure you are ready to be part of this move and talk to us to see how we can help you.

Here is some more detail on the article:

“New research released by Google and IPSOS Research has confirmed Australia’s love affair with smartphones. Australia now ranks second in the world in terms of smartphone penetration, with 37 percent of people owning one. Despite this high ranking, there is still daylight between Australia and the global smartphone leader, Singapore, which has achieved 62 percent penetration.

Google also uncovered some fascinating insights into smartphone usage. Contrary to the belief that smartphones are most useful on the go, 81 percent of Australians have used their smartphone at home in the past seven days, as opposed to 66 percent who have used them on the go. Two in five Australians use their smartphone while watching television.

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