Getting around the work-arounds

Cutting-edge veterinary technology that no longer means you have to just ‘make it work’.

By Read Hedditch

In the veterinary world, finding the right technology that will deliver the best result for specific applications can be challenging. As a result, having to use a ‘work around’ to get something done is an unfortunate reality. One of the most creative ‘work arounds’ I’ve come across recently – and one that confirms that we really do use our smartphones for everything – was the use of a phone camera as a dermascope.

However, having to use ‘the next best thing’ in your work means that you’re compromising your ability to make decisions confidently, diagnose accurately, and offer your patients the highest quality patient care.

A photo taken with a phone camera does not provide the kind of dermascopic clarity and resolution you need to make confident diagnoses.

Similarly, using just an otoscope to examine a patient’s ear means that you’re unable to capture and store images of what you see. As a result, you’re making decisions based on only what you see at the time, and can’t share what you see with others.

And let me ask you this: how many times have you lost revenue from not being able to even ‘make it work’? For instance, when you have to refer even the most basic eye ailments to an eye specialist because you didn’t have the right equipment to make an informed diagnosis.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

So what should you be using?

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Australia 2nd globally for smartphone usage:Google

We like our new found tools a lot:

For some time we have been talking customer about smartphones and tablets and their place and usage. The uptake in Australia is second only the world behind Singapore which means we are not scared to use this technology. It has significant implications for businesses that are ready and prepared to engage with their customers via smartphones and tablets. Make sure you are ready to be part of this move and talk to us to see how we can help you.

Here is some more detail on the article:

“New research released by Google and IPSOS Research has confirmed Australia’s love affair with smartphones. Australia now ranks second in the world in terms of smartphone penetration, with 37 percent of people owning one. Despite this high ranking, there is still daylight between Australia and the global smartphone leader, Singapore, which has achieved 62 percent penetration.

Google also uncovered some fascinating insights into smartphone usage. Contrary to the belief that smartphones are most useful on the go, 81 percent of Australians have used their smartphone at home in the past seven days, as opposed to 66 percent who have used them on the go. Two in five Australians use their smartphone while watching television.

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ARO Systems Invites You to the 2013 Bain Fallon Memorial Lectures

Come and See What The Vet of the Future Is !

I would like to personally invite you to visit us at the ARO Systems booth at the Bain Fallon 2013 conference organized by the Equine Veterinary Association.

We are delighted to be part of this year’s conference, the theme of which is “Surgery & Ophthalmology”. A featured topic throughout the conference will be the rapid advancements in equine imaging and the need for vets to stay on the cutting-edge of technology. Many of the speakers will talk about what your practices will need to look like to fully take advantage of the opportunities of the future.

Our stand will focus on bringing the future to life, right now. Make a point of visiting our stand to see cutting-edge technology that will enable you to gain the edge you need in meeting the demands of your customers, 2013 and beyond.

This would be the ideal opportunity for you to discuss how you can bridge the gap between your current imaging equipment and the total veterinary technology solution of the future.

Gain access to the latest information that all forward-looking vets should be considering. Information about:

     Specialised medical imaging equipment, designed especially for use with animals;

     End-to-end digital solutions for a veterinary practice;

     How to migrate from film to digital processes;

     The latest offerings for Computed Radiography and Direct Radiography and how you can make them work for you; and

     The use of mobile devices allowing you to move seamlessly throughout your day.

In conjunction with the ophthalmology focus of the conference, ARO is proud to unveil our latest addition to the product range, the Smartscope Vet2, a digital multipurpose camera that provides general, ophthalmoscopic, otoscopic, and dermatoscopic imaging with one cordless, hand-held device.

Experience a live demonstration of our digital imaging equipment

Experience being a vet of the future as we demonstrate the latest in high-quality veterinary technology at our booth.

Speak with an expert

Register now for a one-on-one session to discuss your specific needs with one of our industry team. Simply reply to this email, or call Jill or Christine on 02 6059 6664.


ARO Systems at the Bain Fallon 2013
Booth: No. 12
Dates: 14 – 18 July 2013
Venue: Pullman Albert Park, Melbourne



Read Hedditch

Owner and Managing Director

ARO Systems


P.S.: ARO Systems has put together a small number of customized packages exclusively for those who visit our booth. Save thousands of dollars on your next investment at the ARO Systems booth at Bain Fallon 2013.