• Konica AeroDR2 10x12" HQ DR Flat Panel Detector System

Konica AeroDR2 10x12" HQ DR Flat Panel Detector System

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Konica AeroDR2 HQ DR Flat Panel Detector System

Konica Minolta introduces the newest member of the AeroDR family,a wireless cassette 10x12 inch flat panel detector.
It has great handling feature with light weight and it fits to existing customers systems without any modification.

- CS7 Acquisition Software with Realism Algorithms
- Konica AeroSync License - will work with any x-ray generator
- 175 Micron
- DR2 Panel Family with IPX5 Waterproof Rating
- 1.6kg Panel Weight
- Super robust case with no battery port
- Lithium Ion Capacitor Technology
- 3 minutes on charge dock is enough for 10 x-rays
- DICOM Store, Print
- Acquisition Workstation or Laptop
- 1 Year Warranty

World's Lightest Weight(*) and Wireless FPD
AeroDR detector, the lightest FPD in the world, weighs only 1.7Kg including batteries.
It supports wireless network via which captured images are transmitted to the console.
*(As of July, 2013)

Smaller 10"x12" cassette size design extends FPD applications
The AeroDR 10"x12" is an ideal solution for exams such as pediatric or extremities.

Rapid Charge, Long-Life Batteries
Batteries in the detector can be quickly charged in a battery charger or with tether connection.
These are reliable long life batteries that do not need to be replaced during the expected life cycle of the detectors.

Wireless Digital Radiography System AeroDR 1012HQ Specifications

Detection method: Indirect conversion method
Scintillator: CsI (Cesium Iodide)
Dimensions(W×D×H): 281.8×333.0×15.9 mm
Pixel size: 175µm
Weight: 1.7kg
Weight durability: 150kg@f40mm / 300kg@full image field
Water Resistance: IPX6
Communication: Dedicated wired ethernet connection / Wireless LAN (IEEE802.11a compliant)
Image Preview time: Less than 2 sec
Cycle time:
Approx. 7 sec (With dedicated wired connection)
Approx. 9 sec (With wireless LAN connection)
Image Field: 1,404 x 1,696 pixels
Battery type: Lithium ion capacitor
Battery charging time from empty to full: Within 30 minutes(AeroDR Battery Charger2)
Number of exposure images: 146 images/4.0 hours
Warranty: 1 Year