• Vet Dental X-Ray and Dental Cart Package
  • Vet Dental X-Ray and Dental Cart Package
  • Vet Dental X-Ray and Dental Cart Package
  • Vet Dental X-Ray and Dental Cart Package
  • Vet Dental X-Ray and Dental Cart Package
  • Vet Dental X-Ray and Dental Cart Package
  • Vet Dental X-Ray and Dental Cart Package
  • Vet Dental X-Ray and Dental Cart Package

Vet Dental X-Ray and Dental Cart Package

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$14,795.00 (inc GST)


Vet Dental X-Ray and Dental Cart Package

Combine the best all in to one mobile useful system !

Inovadent™ Veterinary High Speed Cart

A Dental Cart with Fiber-Optic High Speed Handpiece & Piezoelectric Scaler is an all-in-one system offering all essential handpieces for small animal dentistry in a convenient, durable and versatile design.

And the great part about the Inovadent™ Veterinary High Speed Cart is it very quiet at less than 45dB ! Not much louder than you average fridge !

- All-in-one system for ease of use
- Exceptionally quiet compressor
- Versatile, durable, and portable design
- Engineered for easy self service
- Backed with unsurpassed technical support from ARO Systems and Inovadent™
- Manufactured by Inovadent™ in the USA

Featured Components:
- Push button High Speed Handpiece w/fiber-optics
- Low Speed Handpiece
- Air/Water Syringe with autoclavable tip
- Piezoelectric scaler with 3 KLAW™ Tips (23,000 – 32,000 Hz)
- Automatic handpiece selection
- High speed water coolant on/off switch and adjustable flow control
- Adjustable handpiece pressure
- Dual water/optional solution bottle system
- Water bottle pressure relieving valve
- Auxiliary water outlet for additional scaler
- Power strip for extra equipment
- JUN-AIR® Compressor with 4 gallon reservoir
- 1,090 cubic inches of internal storage
- Durable powder coated frame and cabinet

Carestream CS2100

Cost Effectiveness Without Compromise on Quality
Capture high-quality images safely and affordably

Designed for dental professionals seeking ease of use and reliability, the CS 2100 intra-oral X-ray system meets your needs. A high-frequency generator produces high-quality images that enable you to diagnose accurately and confidently, while minimizing radiation exposure. The flexible, smart design accommodates the space requirements of almost any practice. Adapted to every type of imaging technology, the CS 2100 system operates with both film and digital radiography, including the CS7200 and CS7600 imaging plate systems and RVG digital radiography systems and other dental sensors and scanners.

ARO Systems Mobile Dental X-Ray Trolley to suit Carestream CS2100

Made is Australia, this mobile dental trolley is designed to suit the Care stream CS2100 dental x-ray unit and make it into a mobile configuration. With a separate power outlet, it can also fit the super quiet Inovadent™ Veterinary High Speed Dental Cart or Versa Cart or IM3 dental carts directly on top of the trolley without and changes to the dental carts.

Why go mobile dental x-ray ?

With nearly all hand held dental x-ray units only having 2mA tube current and nearly all dental x-ray units being 60kV, the only variable left is time. The Care stream Dental CS2100 in conjunction with the trolley means once you position, the tube head is stable and not hand held, so movement in your x-rays is eliminated. Add to this the user safety factor of the remote exposure cord and you are able to get 2 metres away from the x-ray source. Best practice for dose scatter reduction on staff.

Key features of using the mobile dental x-ray
- Suits Care stream Dental CS2100
- Stable x-ray positioning (not hand-held)
- Easy to reposition if needed
- 1/3 of the typical exposure times of hand-held units
- Safer for staff with 2 metre curly exposure cord
- Power outlet for dental cart
- Smooth medical grade castors
- Braked rear wheels
- 12 months parts only return to base