Grids – Reduce Your Scatter, Improve Your Image

X-ray grids or more correctly anti-scatter grid, is a device consisting of a series of narrow lead strips closely spaced on their edges and separated by spacers of low density material.

X-ray grids improve the quality of a radiograph by trapping most of the scattered radiation, the biggest contributing factor to poor diagnostic quality. Introducing an x-ray grid between the x-ray beam and the film or plate will provide a clearer and more detailed image.

Let the experts at ARO Systems help you choose the grid that fits your needs. We can supply many sizes and configurations including grids for CR, DR, C-Arm, decubitus, mammography, and standard applications.

We also have a range of grid encasements both flat and with channels. Grids are an expensive investment and easily damaged, so well worth protecting.



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11″ x 13″ Grids

15″ x 18″ Grids

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18″ x18″ Grids

Grid Encasements

Grids – The Technical Stuff !

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