OrthoViewVET Resources

Clinical Procedures

A complete pre-operative planning solution for veterinary orthopaedics, templates required for the following procedures:


  • Templating Joint Replacement
  • Fracture Management Planning
  • Tibial Osteotomies – TTA, TPLO, MMP, TTA Rapid, CBLO
  • Angular Limb Deformity Correction

With OrthoViewVET, digital x-ray images can be used for planning surgeries on-screen, without the need for printed x-ray film. The software package enables an on-screen x-ray image to be calibrated to the size of the patient so that accurate prosthesis sizing and a range of other vital measurements can be achieved quickly and easily.

Start with Scaling – use of an correctly positioned calibration object is recommended for accurate template sizing.

Plan and Template – a wide range of measuring tools and wizards are included in the software, for use after image calibration. Multiple image viewing is standard. Template or plan specific procedures.

Save the Plan – templated image/s and a report image are automatically created when the plan is saved and include sizing and measurement information.

Your completed pre-operative plan can be saved to the PACS (Picture Archive and Communications System) to your local hard drive or to another archive option of choice. OrthoViewVET allows a saved preoperative plan to be viewed or reopened from the PACS if further modification is required.


OrthoViewVET is a logical, procedure-based product with a fully integrated, context-activated SmartHelp system.

We recommend a 1 to 2 hour online training session to get you started with the fundamental aspects of using OrthoViewVET.

On-site training can also be arranged for larger veterinary centres. Contact us to see how we can best help you.

For a range of video tutorials on how to successfully use OrthoViewVET, se the comprehensive list below on our YouTube Channel. They are also playlisted by the OrthoView VET Training Videos

Software User Guide Videos – Specific Panels

Planning Procedure Template Videos

Customer Support

Technical Support

Technical support for OrthoViewVET software is available to OrthoView partners and end users who are in possession of a current Software Maintenance contract.

Software Maintenance covers the following and is free of charge for the first year:

  • Access to the myorthoview.com customer portal for downloading templates and accessing training materials
  • Requesting new templates not currently in the library (subject to manufacturer data being available)
  • Software updates and bug fixes as available for your OrthoView build
  • Access to technical and applications support via email

Contact us if you need more information or support.