PACS Solutions


iQ-WEBX 6.2.3f Brochure ARO 150dpi INT EN 004R_Page_01iQ-WEBX is a complete, easy-to-use and affordable solution for storage, viewing and distribution of any medical imaging studies and reports.

iQ-WEBX consists of several applications in only one package:

DICOM Server: enables the communication between the modalities and the Archive Server

Archive Server: stores up to 500 million images in one database

Web Server: allows the web-based distribution of any medical images and reports

iQ-X Web Viewer: provides an interactive diagnostic web viewer with all clinically required image processing features

Special module:

iQ-WEB2GO: web-based viewing of radiology images on iOS and Android based portable, handheld devices including the iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy SII or Samsung Galaxy Tab


iQ-WEB2GO Flyer 150dpi INT EN 002RiQ-WEB2GO is an iQ-WEBX module for web-based viewing of radiology images on iOS or Android based mobile, handheld devices including the iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy SII or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

It represents an excellent solution for clinical reference for referring physicians who need to see images at their fingertips without being tied to a workstation. iQ-WEB2GO is also ideal for remote and subspecialty consultation. Access to radiology images is quick, easy and secure. There is no need to run an installer. Simply log in from your mobile device as you would normally log in to iQ-WEBX. Then, select the images you want to view in the Studies Overview page or search for one or a list of studies. Images are displayed immediately in full-screen mode with zoom/pan options.


iQ-WEBX WADO 3.0 Brochure ARO 150dpi INT EN 001R_Page_1iQ-WEBX WADO is the solution for easy image access integrated into any hospital information system (HIS), practice management system (PMS) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

iQ-WEBX WADO provides a secure web-based interface, integrating iQ-WEBX into other web-based or thick client based medical information systems. Referring physicians can access images and reports via this interface using the login of their existing information system – without having to log in once again. An automatic authentication process ensures the accurate access from virtually any other medical information system.