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Smaller healthcare institutions such as doctor’s offices and urgent care facilities require no-frills and to-the-point solutions that enable them to flexibly access and share medical imaging studies and reports. iQ-SYSTEM PACS provides them with tailored solutions to help them manage their daily routine efficiently.




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iQ Solutions for Doctors Offices & Urgent Care

iQ-VIEW   The radiology reading station
DICOMReader   Read any DICOM CD into your PACS
iQ-WEB   The carefree, all-inclusive PACS for storage, teleradiology and image distribution
iQ-X   Diagnostic 2D web viewer
iQ-4VIEW   Diagnostic zero-footprint 2D viewer
iQ-3DVIEW   Zero-footprint viewer for 3D analysis
iQ-WEB2GO   Medical Images ON THE GO on any portable device
iQ-WORKLIST   DICOM worklist server
MED-TAB   TGA approved DICOM-calibrated portable workstation