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iQ-ROUTER is the ideal tool for teleradiology purposes as it accelerates the transmission of veterinary image data through any network by sending it in a compressed format. Even using low-cost narrow bandwidth connections, extensive data transmissions can be achieved.

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images are compressed up to 1:8 times in a lossless compressed format for extensive and speedy data transmissions.

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Data can be forwarded based on specific rules. This facilitates setting up comprehensive, fully automatic workflow procedures that are frequently used in teleradiology. In addition, forwarding tasks may be scheduled at a predefined time or day of the week. 

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Individual patient information within the forwarded data can be pseudonymized and/or sent as encrypted data in accordance with existing data protection laws. Upon receipt, the data is decrypted again.




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iQ-ROUTER allows the correct transmission of many worldwide characters, including those of Asian and all European languages.

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Regular Expressions

Based on user-defined rules, iQ-ROUTER automatically corrects virtually any image or data error as well as DICOM inconsistencies. 

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Patient Reconciliation

iQ-ROUTER automatically identifies patients and studies and adjusts patient and study identifiers to ensure consistent data is transmitted between multiple centers.

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Reconciliation Plugin

Optional module for iQ-ROUTER/PRO/PREMIUM that simplifies the radiological workflow by verifying the consistency of patient data right after data acquisition.

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Customized Plugins

Your individual workflow requires a tailored solution?
We have developed customized plugins for iQ-ROUTER/PRO/PREMIUM in the past. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.



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