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Veterinary Clinics and other providers comprising multiple sites need technologies that enable them to access patient records at multiple distributed points of access and share them within and between enterprises. Both VNA and XDS are must-know terms in this context.


Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)

This information technology allows archiving digital medical images with documents and files in a standards-compliant way. The used central storage infrastructure meets patient-centered clinical needs both within and across multiple medical specialties regardless of the health IT systems provider.

VNA is based upon standards that provide healthcare enterprises system interoperability and data ownership through system and data format neutrality.

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Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing

The XDS technology enables the standards-compliant sharing of digital medical documents including images and files across multiple healthcare enterprises. "XDS-I" is the branch of XDS dedicated to medical images.

XDS is a defined set of IHE standards (actors and transactions). The XDS roles can be fulfilled by a number of applications such as PACS and VNA. For example, iQ-WEBX, at the heart of the iQ-SYSTEM PACS, is enabled to act as an XDS Repository with XDS-I modules such as iQ-4VIEW, as well as other third-party XDS-I enabled HTML5 medical image viewers.

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VNA and XDS seem to be quite similar technologies. In fact, they are two comparable and complementary approaches to one single problem. We are pleased to offer you consulting on this topic and supply you with products and services that meet your individual needs.