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Not storing images for the long term ? Are you at risk ?

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Secure your images for NOW!

Want to back up your DICOM images seamlessly, automatically and securely off site – look no further! Our  DICOM Cloud PACS is a fully featured service that allows you the very best functionality without compromising image quality – full DICOM images in your browser.

Our ARO DICOM Cloud PACS is a complete, easy-to-use, affordable solution specially adapted for storing, viewing, and distributing imaging studies and reports. It combines a fast DICOM archive with a web-based viewing and a managing interface in one system. It is typically connected to all imaging modalities and can be connected to a HIS/RIS/EMR and reading stations.

It also allows clinics, hospitals and institutions to be radiology reporting vendor independent. If you change radilogy reporting vendors, you still have control over the patient imaging studies.

Being a complete solution, ARO DICOM Cloud PACS consists of several applications in  one package:

  • DICOM Server
  • Archive Server
  • Web Server
  • Zero Footprint Web Viewer

ARO DICOM Cloud PACS offers viewing clinicians easy-to-use interactive image processing tools with diagnostic quality and the ability to share these securely with other clinicians.

You can have a tailored solution that allows you automatically store your images in the cloud but still be able to access the full DICOM image in a web browser, anywhere, anytime, securely!


Key Features:

  • Telehealth; sharing of studies securely to other clinicians
  • Automatic: Painless, one less thing for you to worry about. Monthly report with all studies listed. Great for benchmarking and KPIs!
  • Specific tools built in that the results can be saved out to a Secondary Capture (SC) image:
    • Distance measurements
    • Angles
    • Ratios
    • Scaling device calibration
    • Electronic Shutters
    • Circular ROI (Region Of Interest)
    • Polygon ROI (Region Of Interest)
    • Cobb Angle
    • Georges Line
    • Cervical/Lumbar Curve
    • Spine Labelling
    • Gonstead Analysis
    • Comparison of multiple studies
    • Secondary Capture to save any of the above measurements or results
  • Web-based access: Zero footprint full DICOM web viewer (no browser plugins required*)
  • Mobility: Enhanced field work—View images on Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop.
  • Security: Your data is secured in Australia with 256-bit encryption and four layer backup system. HIPAA and US Safe Harbor compliant.
  • Flexibility: Attach PDF files, JPEG images and videos to patient images.
  • Peace of mind: Australian-owned and operated. Images stored in Australia for legal coverage.
  • Reasonably Priced: Talk to us about your needs
  • Integrate: Talk to us about your existing setup and how we can make this work for you!