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Not storing images for the long term ? Are you at risk ?

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Secure your images for NOW!

Want to back up your DICOM images seamlessly, automatically and securely – look no further ! Our  DICOM Cloud PACS is a fully featured service allowing you the very best functionality without image quality compromise – full DICOM images in your browser.

Our ARO DICOM Cloud PACS is a complete, easy-to-use and affordable solution especially adapted for vets for storing, viewing and distributing any veterinary imaging studies and reports. It combines a fast DICOM archive with a web-based viewing and a managing interface in one system. It is typically connected to all imaging modalities, and can be connected to a HIS/RIS/EMR  and reading stations.

Being a complete solution, ARO DICOM Cloud PACS consists of several applications in  one package:

  • DICOM Server
  • Archive Server
  • Web Server
  • Zero Footprint Web Viewer

ARO DICOM Cloud PACS offers viewing clinicians an easy-to-use interactive image processing tools with diagnostic quality and the ablity to share these securely with other clinicians.

You can have a tailored solution that allows you automically store your images in the cloud but still be able to access the full DICOM image in a web browser, anywhere, anytime, securely !


Key Features

  • Telehealth; sharing of studies securely to other clinicians
  • Automatic: Painless, automatic, one less thing for you to worry about. Monthly report with all studies listed. Great for benchmarking and KPI’s !
  • Specific tools built in that the results can be saved out to a Secondary Capture (SC) image:
    • Distance measurements
    • Angles
    • Ratios
    • Scaling device calibration
    • Electronic Shutters
    • Circlar ROI (Region Of Interest)
    • Polygon ROI (Region Of Interest)
    • Cobb Angle
    • Georges Line
    • Cervical/Lumbar Curve
    • Spine Labelling
    • Gonstead Analysis
    • Comparison of multiple studies
  • Web based access: Zero footprint full DICOM web viewer (no browser plugins required*)
  • Mobility: Enhanced field work—View images on Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop.
  • Security: Your data is secured with 256 bit encryption and 4 layer backup system. HIPAA and US Safe Harbor compliant.
  • Flexibility: Attach PDF files, JPEG images and videos to patient images.
  • Peace of mind: Australian owned and operated. Images stored in Australia for legal coverage.
  • Reasonably Priced: Talk to us about your needs
  • Integrate: Talk to us about your existing setup and how we can make this work for you !