Glass sphere representing the earth pictured in a rainforest


At ARO Systems, we take caring for the environment seriously, from being conscious of the products we select to sell, how we interact with customers, how we get around, how we use power and waste disposal. We consider the environmental impact in every facet, trying to minimise our footprint and recycle where we can. If you ask us to help in the space, we will always give you the best answer to achieve this and have a circular economy in mind, not just a landfill.

This is not always the cheapest option; it is always with the Earth in mind and what is best for our planet.


Our Energy We Consume

We have a business premise with all LED lighting on presence sensors, so if there is no one in the space, there will be no lights on. We select the lowest powered devices to achieve the functionality we need and are thoughtful in what we recommend to our customers for this as well.


Our Water We Consume

We have a business premise aimed at minimising water usage with water-efficient appliances and only using what we need in all we do.


Our Waste We Make

Where possible, we separate and recycle, minimising what goes to landfill. This includes end-of-life equipment from customers and our own needs. Not much thought is required to achieve this.


Our Way Get Around

The pandemic of the last 2-3 years has forced us to all rethink how we do business, and if there is a suitable alternative to travelling, such as remote and online meetings, we do this as our first option. Where we need to travel, we seek to minimise our footprint with sustainable options and the least amount possible to achieve the task.


Our Consciousness

We try to consider everything we do for our customers and us and make decisions to preserve our planet for future generations. This is an ongoing process. We include our team in our discussions and processes about how we best achieve this. We partner with companies that also consider this in the same way where we can.


We only have one Earth and intend to do our part in considering everything we do as an organisation.