Veterinary Digital Radiography Solutions

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GoDR® Acquisition Software

GoDR® is an X-ray image processing and acquisition software developed by SmartCareworks Inc. It is compatible with a wide range of industry leading X-ray detectors and generators. It provides touchscreen capability and a seamless intuative workflow to increase userability making it faster and easier for the user. GoDR also intigrates with dental x-ray and dental imaging tools to make it easier on vets to consolidating those dental x-ray images into an easy to view structure.


GoDR-Vet-3.jpg   GoDR Study View


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Small Animal GoDR Solutions

With all the tools you need to acquire, process, measure and markup image, GoDR is the "go to"acquisition software for veterinarians. Being vendor neutral meand you can pick the DR detector of your choice and have more than one connected to the system, ie one large detector, one high resolution smal detector for fine small animal work.


Equine GoDR Solutions

GoDR has a full selection of equine body parts and the ability to procedure map these to allow for yearling sales. It can also do intraoral tooth picking as well, for dental vets and practitioners. 


Dental GoDR Solutions

GoDR Vet Combines X-Ray with Dental X-Ray allowing for easy patient managment in an all-in-one system. Meaning less time switching through and transfering information from multiple programs.

Not only can GoDR connect to multiple different vendors DR detectors, it can also connect to multiple dental sensor and PSP (Photo Stimulable Phoshor) plate scanners, such as the Carestream CS7600, Dürr Vistascan Mini and the IM3 CR7.

GoDR has tooth picking and Full Mouth Series for intraoral x-rays in Canine, Feline, Equine and rabbits. As well as being able to do skull and other views in the same examination, just by swapping ffrom dental scanner or sensor to DR detector.

This can be done in conjunction with your DR detector, giving you the benefit of one platform to learn for you and your staff and a common place for all your x-rays and no duplication of investment.


Dental Tooth Picker

GoDR Vet utilises a simple tooth picker graphical interface to help the user manage and collatedental x-ray images for each patient. This can be applied for almost any animal whether its a canine, feline, equine or rabbit.


GoDR Vet Dental Tooth Picker Screenshot   GoDR Vet Dental Tooth Picker Screenshot



Full Mouth Series Display

The Full Mouth Series Display feauter allows the user to see all dental x-rays taken for the one patient and arranges them in an easy to view dental structure. This helps the user to visualise which x-ray belongs to which tooth.


GoDR Vet Full Mouth Series Screenshot   GoDR Vet Full Mouth Series Screenshot



Digital Radiography Detectors



From megafauna like horses to meiofauna like pets, iRay provides a variety of flat panel detectors specially designed for veterinary applications to meet the demands of various pet DR markets. Such detectors are widely used by pet hospitals, pet agencies, zoos, institutes of zoology, animal schools and other clinic X-ray examination and research.

iRay detectors are fully integrated into GoDR Vet Acquistion software.

iRay DR Panel 1417X


  • 100µm, 139µm and 150µm pixel size options
  • High DQE
  • Full AED control, exposure at any time
  • Large capacity battery design, with 8+ hours battery life
  • Lightweight designs
  • Supports a fast workflow for a better user experience



LG Flat Panel X-Ray Detectors

Ensure Diagnostic Accuracy with Superior Image Quality
High-quality Digital X-ray Detectors (DXD) from a global technology leader. LG DXDs bring the same quality and workmanship you’ve come to expect from LG Electronics. LG DXDs guarantee high-resolution and clear image quality, without image distortion, using 16-bit image processing and a pixel pitch of 140μm for high-resolution, diagnostic-quality images. LG systems are cost-effective solutions suitable for any clinical or portable environment.

LG Flat Panel X-Ray Detectors assure Outstanding Image Quality at a low radiation dose. The GoDR Acquisition software provides unparalleled image processing with feature rich user interface. The LG Flat Panel IP53 resistance rating ensures that LG DXD will be protected against objects drops, dust, and dripping liquids such as blood and bodily fluids.

The LG Flat Panel X-ray Detector has a super strong body that combines carbon-fiber with magnesium, LG DXD is not only lightweight, but also exceptionally strong and durable.

Available in wired and wireless versions, LG DR systems are cost-effective, FDA-approved imaging solutions perfect for any clinical environment.

‚ÄčLG offers three models to suit your needs, 14x17" and 17x17" wireless and 17x17" wired models. 

You can also connect two detectors to one system if you're a busy practice needing a wireless for your table and a wired panel in the wall-stand.

LG DXD Flat Panel Dector and Charger with battery


Acuity Wireless is a complete wireless, cassette sized X-Ray detector. It can easily transform any existing conventional x-ray room into an efficient Digital Radiology suite. It is portable and lightweight design requires no bulky modification and easily integrates with any manufactures original equipment in veterinary applications. The Acuity Wireless DR Panel delivers unmatched image quality just seconds automatic exposure detection, making it a perfect solution for practices seeking to upgrade their existing x-ray room at a cost effective price. This versatile, Wireless DR Detector allows for quick and easy integration and multi-purpose clinical applications.

Radmedix detectors are fully integrated into GoDR Vet Acquistion software.

 Acuity 10x12 Wireless DR

  • 76µm and 140µm pixel size options
  • Ultimate portability
  • WPCS Power Systems (wireless charging)
  • Smart information by OLED Display
  • Light weight and fancy design
  • Various application available (genrad, Mobile,Neonatal/Pediatric, Equine, Vet, Portable, NDT, etc.)



Konica Minolta

AeroDR 3 supports the high resolution 100µm pixel size for excellent image quality. It is the third-generation flagship model of the cassette DR with advanced durability. There is a lineup of three sizes (1717/1417/1012).

 Acuity 10x12 Wireless DR

  • 100µm and 175µm pixel size options
  • High DQE
  • New imaging processing technology "REALISM"
  • Lightweight and robust structure
  • Powered by a unique lithium ion capacitor
  • Internal access point & Internal storage






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