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Veterinary Ultrasound

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Small and Large Animal Solutions


BMV BPU90 System


BMV BPU90 Color Doppler Veterinary Ultrasound

Simple operation; clear image; stability; reliability, rich functions, high cost performance and strong mobility.

Technology platform with Excellent performance, stability and reliability

Powerful Data Management System

Advanced imaging technology, excellent, excellent image quality

Appearance design conforming to ergonomic

Comprehensive clinical application solutions

BMV BPU60 High-Performance Portable Colour Doppler Ultrasound Diagnosis System

The BMV BPU60 Vet is based on the brand-new Cutting-edge platform, equipped with a new generation of multi-crystal probes, with advanced imaging technology, rich clinical application software, humanized appearance design and intimate human-computer interaction, enabling veterinarians to integrate in the clinical diagnosis process Attention is all focused on the animals themselves, providing veterinarians with high-quality images and a full range of clinical solutions, which can not only meet the daily clinical diagnosis needs of veterinarians, but also take into account various applications such as teaching and research.

   BMV BPU60 VET Angled

  BMV MX9 Wireless Ultrasound


BMV MX9 Wireless Ultrasound

MX9 Scanners, with enhanced image quality based on our iBTech+ platform, premium probe technology and advanced beamforming, is designed to provide trustworthy imaging at any mobile clinical environment for clinicians, rendering more confidence on diagnosis.

BMV BestScan® S4

Innovative and Distinctive Design, User-centric design, and easy to use.

  • Fully sealed unit with waterproof design, for effortless cleaning;
  • All-in-on design with high quality chemical resistance materials, for reliable disinfection to help maintain biosecurity standards;
  • The first RFID vet wireless ultrasonic system in the world;
  • Revolutionary iBTech+ platform, offering enhanced image quality and larger scan angel;
  • Total broadband wireless connected, steady and easy-to-use dedicated workflow, abundant accessories;
  • S4 and S3 Plus support farmers from easy pregnancy detetion and backfat mesure to report exported to Connect!Vet Cloud.

 BMV S4 Portable System

BMV S3 Plus Ultrasound Probe


BMV S3 Plus

The BMV S3 Plus is a general-use hand-held software-controlled wireless veterinary ultrasound scanner designed for pigs, sheep or goats. It obtains real-time ultrasound signals through WiFi and reflects them on Android devices like smart phones or tablet PCs




Probes and Transducer Types


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