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GoDR® is an X-ray image processing and acquisition software developed by SmartCareworks Inc. It is compatible with a wide range of industry leading X-ray detectors and generators.


Multiple DR vectors on blue background


GoDR ™ is the most innovative software to acquire and process digital x-rays images.

You can upgrade your current software to GoDR in minutes!



SmartCareworks Dashboard screenshot


Smart On Dashboard

Smart on dashboard provided by SmartCareworks provides a lot of information at a glance.

You can immediately check the trend for 7 days as of today












SmartCareworks study rotation screenshot






Support of various tools

Various video editing tools are provided for your convenience.

SmartCareworks watermarking represents the rotation or flip information of the image

You can judge intuitively.





SmartCareworks Intraoral planning screenshot


Pretty and simple design

SmartCareworks have  designed a beautifully simple interface. Designed to work correctly, meticulously gather information that users should not miss.

SmartCareworks present the design of veterinary  imaging software of the future. 

















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