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The world’s first and only DICOM-calibrated portable workstation.
Your only superior, portable medical image solution.
A radiologist created it for imaging specialists.

Winner of the prestigious international iF Design Award.



MED-TAB side view

Image Analysis Anywhere and Everywhere 

The world’s first portable DICOM calibrated medical image display – MED-TAB.
View, analyze, and send images anytime, anywhere. Medical imaging professionals are now free to work beyond the confines of a darkened room, confident in the knowledge of standards-compliant quality and taking no risks with viewing conditions. In MED-TAB, PLUM Medical Solutions, a new company dedicated exclusively to innovation in medical imaging, has created a unique and patented product for today’s changing world.
– consistent high-quality
– unprecedented portability and access
– safe and precise image analysis anywhere
A game-changer in teleradiology and portable imaging.

  • Hospitals can use MED-TAB for bedside diagnostic image viewing in the emergency room and intensive medical care units.
  • Imaging departments can use MED-TAB for remote analysis, distributed radiology demonstrations, and for peer-to-peer review.
  • MED-TAB can be accessed via a diagnostic app called PORT-RAY, via cloud or web portals. On-call physicians can rely on MED-TAB™ for quick access to images from anywhere on demand.

MED-TAB includes:MED-TAB

  • MED-TAB offers the only patented 11-bit portable GSDF-compliant DICOM grayscale calibration
  • Special pen for measurement: Up to 10x more accurate and three times faster than using fingers on the touchscreen

  • The unique USB grayscale adjustment tool provides optimum image visibility

  • Improve image analysis with the anti-glare screen

  • Eliminate guesswork with ambient light sensor Indicates whether or not the surrounding light is suitable for image analysis

  • Enjoy a screen that is more than 65% larger* than the iPad Air 2 and the Galaxy Tab 4
    *According to the area and not diagonal distance

Get Used to Amazing Efficiency with MED-TAB

  • Functions on the Android 6.0 operating system
    Is available with the zero-footprint HTML5 DICOM viewer iQ-4VIEW or the Android App PORT-RAY (sold separately).
  • MED-TAB supports most major PACS vendors
    using HTML5 zero-footprint technology.
  • With this DICOM-enabled pad, nearly all PACS functions, like zoom/pan, comparisons, measurements, 3D reconstruction, etc., are possible – from anywhere.
  • HDMI port connects the device to a larger display/data projector for peer sharing. (Device supports full HDMI only.)

Easy to use & Intuitive

  1. Use your fingers, a mouse, a keyboard, or a Philips SPEECHMIKE to navigate the touch screen of the portable 13.3" reading station.
  2. After logging into a PACS via wireless LAN, simply tap images to analyze
  3. Perform reporting tasks via voice recognition or the digital dictation tool included in the software

MED-TAB – not just another tablet

It’s the first portable medical imaging workstation, designed for DICOM compliance and built with essential medical features, including:

  • patented GSDF grayscale calibration
  • anti-glare screen
  • ambient light measurement and monitoring
  • a custom-designed measuring pen
  • DICOM Part 14 compatibility
  • standards-compliant brightness & resolution
  • MDD Medical Device Class I

MED-TAB – for freedom, convenience and increased productivity in radiology