Workstation Solutions


The radiological workstation is the most important part of a PACS since doctors have to work with it all day long. The flagship of iQ-SYSTEM PACS is iQ-VIEW, the DICOM reading station. It offers user-friendly tools for the displaying and processing of any kind of medical images. Specialty tools for radiologists, orthopedics and nuclear specialists are smoothly integrated as well as a module for 3D post-processing. Our workstations can be integrated with most HIS/RIS systems available on the market.

iQ-VIEW is an easy-to-use reading station that has been designed by radiologists for radiologists.

The software is available in two different versions: BASIC and PRO. The BASIC version was developed as a reading station for all physicians, such as orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, veterinarians and internal specialists, while iQ-VIEW PRO is optimized for radiology and nuclear medicine requirements.

iQ-VIEW can be integrated into virtually any RIS, EMR or HIS available on today’s market. Additional modules for 3D post-processing, nuclear medicine, orthopedic templating, image stitching and more equip specialty readers with the required tools.

iQ-VIEW is a fast and powerful reading station, which includes many additional useful features, such as a basic structured reporting module. It is also ideal for teleradiology purposes – encrypted DICOM email makes it possible.

iQ-VIEW is the first viewer worldwide that has received the DICOM-CD certificate of the German Radiological Society. This guarantees that portable media created with iQ-VIEW fulfill the requirements for DICOM media and they can be used properly on any computer fulfilling the minimum requirements.



iQ-VIEW 3D is an optional module, which turns iQ-VIEW / PRO into a full-featured 3D workstation for virtually all kinds of 3D image processing, e.g. for vascular, neuroradiological, traumatological, orthopaedic and cardiac imaging.

iQ-VIEW 3D offers multiple practical functions like orthogonal and oblique multiplanar reconstructions (MPR), maximum and minimum intensity projections (MIP and MinIP), surface shaded display (SSD) and volume rendering (VRT).

Take advantage of enhanced image processing tools like thickslab (MIP/VRT/SSD), image filters (noise, soften, invert) and cropping and clipping functions. Select your volume of interest (VOI) and send the processed images to your local image box or PACS at any time.

A new break-through 3D technology makes it possible for the application to run on most standard graphics adapters.




iQ-MAMMO is a module for iQ-VIEW PRO representing a new and unique mammography solution that incorporates the complete diagnostic imaging and staging process. There is no need to switch between workstations to perform mammography, ultrasound, CT, MRI and tomosynthesis readings anymore. Physicians can view multimodality studies, such as a chest CT scan and a mammo MRI, just by one click of the mouse in iQ-VIEW PRO.

Due to the clever way it interprets DICOM information, iQ-MAMMO correctly chooses the optimum onscreen hanging position of all current and prior studies – regardless of the manufacturer or device model that created the images.

It is possible to adapt the image display to one’s individual preferences with the easy-to-use, unique, integrated hanging protocol sequence manager. When images are reopened, they will appear in the same manner as they were previously defined.

Spotting low-contrast microcalcifications is made possible by inverting the breast tissue on an image following the automatic skin detection and the masking of surrounding air. This way, breast cancer diagnostics can be refined.

iQ-MAMMO can even automatically align breasts according to the nipple height. An interactive shutter function helps further to find asymmetric densities.

With iQ-VIEW PRO MAMMO, studies or documents coming from scanners, files, or any TWAIN sources can be easily imported to the imagebox, or be attached to existing studies such as reports or laboratory data. Additionally, DICOM images, series, or studies can be exported in multiple still formats or as a movie file by burning disks, creating projects on memory sticks, or even sending encrypted DICOM emails to any colleague.

iQ-VIEW PRO MAMMO can easily be integrated into virtually any HIS, RIS, EMR or screening system.



iQ-STITCH is the ideal tool to merge several related radiographies to one image.

This function is especially important for orthopedics and veterinarian images, where the original objects exceed the size that can be captured in one single CR cassette. Two to even five images can be stitched in just one process.

iQ-STITCH is of course extreme easy to use. Thanks to its Stitching-Wizard, operators can execute the stitching process in just five easy steps:

1. Order the sequence
2. Rotate and/or flip
3. Stitch
4. Type in the image information
5. Release the stitched image

iQ-STITCH works with every X-ray vendor and can be used as a standalone application with any PACS, or rather, as an integrated tool of iQ-VIEW or the iQ-CR ACE acquisition station.



There is a growing demand for quantitative image analysis or post processing tools in medical imaging. While all standard measurements and analysis functions are available in iQ-SYSTEM PACS, there are hundreds of specific measurement needs which can’t be supplied using these standard applications.

Users need simple and quick access to clinical image data and functions using specialized measurement tools. This access is often not available.

In response to this need, we have developed the iQ-LAUNCHER module as a free tool for iQ-VIEW 2.7 and above to exchange DICOM and non-DICOM data bidirectionally between iQ-VIEW and various measurement tools.
This enables iQ-VIEW to automatically open image analysis tools for orthopedic templating, cochlear implant planning, lung cancer analysis, and more, as well as image processing tools such as Windows Paint, Adobe® Photoshop® and many others.

Multiple image analysis plugins in a single iQ-VIEW station
Export the currently active image (image in the viewer), all images of the series to which the currently active image belongs, or all images of the same study as the active one
Compatible image formats for exporting from iQ-VIEW include any DICOM and non-DICOM data such as JPEG
Import virtually any DICOM data into iQ-VIEW
Compatible with iQ-VIEW ≥ Version 2.7
Language: English
iQ-LAUNCHER is a small, yet extremely effective, tool for iQ-VIEW users who regularly deploy special image post-processing software*.

Please contact us if would like a copy now for free!

*iQ-LAUNCHER can open any software application that supports being started via the Windows command line.



iQ-CAPTURE is an optional hardware package for iQ-VIEW PRO.

While going digital and switching to PACS, many hospitals or imaging centers are faced with medical devices without DICOM connectivity or costly DICOM interfaces respectively. In order to solve this issue, we have developed two different solutions to capture any video signal to DICOM – iQ-CAPTURE and iQ-CAPTURE PRO.

The implementation is easy and fast. An authorized dealer connects a loop through the video monitor to the capture hardware, which is plugged into a standard Microsoft Windows compatible PC. Medical operators can easily capture any images using the iQ-VIEW PRO software with the included foot switch or the computer mouse. Demographic data of the captured images can either be entered manually, copied from existing data or requested from a DICOM MODALITY WORKLIST source.


Materialise OrthoView™

OrthoView™ is a user friendly and an optional add-on module for iQ-VIEW or iQ-VIEW PRO.
The OrthoView™ module offers orthopedic surgeons in a filmless environment a quick and accurate templating solution, integrated into an orthopedic PACS. The whole templating process can be done quickly and easily in four steps – doing the scaling, planning, templating and reporting. The module supports all major joints from more than 30 joint manufactures and over 1,300 international templates.
Service packages offer free uploads from an online library of regularly updated high quality templates. These templates enable pre-operative planning for hips, knees, shoulders, revision prostheses and small joints.
OrthoView™ comes with all essential orthopedic toolsets, such as an enhanced integrated trauma procedure planning tool, a toolset for the evaluation of congenital abnormalities, scoliosis assessment tools and a limb deformity correction module.