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We have worked hard to bring a range of workstations and monitors in suitable pairs. As individual products suitable for digital creative work, for graphic artists, photographers and videographers, both amateur and commercial, we will have something to suit you!

With a range of creative work monitors from the ASUS ProArt range and Eizo ColorEdge Range, X-Rite calibrators and custom workstations to match, there is an option for everyone from beginners to professionals to manage your colour space.

The ASUS ProArt range gives a tremendous entry-level point with 3 years warranty through to the higher specification 4k 32" monitors, meeting multiple photographies and video standards. For all ASUS monitors, you will need an external calibrator.

The Eizo range has a similar range but offers an outstanding 5-year hot swap warranty, with professional models right to some of the best monitors in the world currently, especially for video editing space. Eizo CG and CGX monitors have built-in calibrators, and the CS range needs an external calibrator.

We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about our products and know colourspace and the standards required to get the best results for you. If we don't know the answer, we will reach out to someone in our network who does - just ask us your question!

We also work closely with Dirk Wallace from Turks Head Gallery and Create Network, supporting various workshops and events. Turks Head is also on Facebook. Just click here.

If you want more information, just hit the contact us page and drop us a message!


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