Business IT Solutions

 We have a range of solutions for the Business IT space from business enterprise monitors to corporate desktops and laptops.



Business Enterprise Monitors

The range of business monitors we have selected have designed to minimise eye fatigue and have a lifespan that makes then viable on cost per year basis compared to cheaper monitors.

Providing a safe workplace a part of any employers requirements and with the increase in working from home and more and more time spent on screens, anything the assists in reducing eye contributes to a safer workplace.

Look no further than the Eizo Flexscan range of monitors, with blue light reduction technology and a five year warranty:

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With a range of laptops and notebooks available from Leader Computer which are a assembled in Australia (supporting Australian jobs) and any of the Dell laptop range, there will be something to suit anyone. If it is not listed, just ask us!

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Corporate Workstations

We have a range of workstations available to suit specific business usage. With options including 3 year onsite warranty and different form factors, there will something to suit any businesses needs.

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