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Eizo produce an outstanding range monitor of monitors with the best warranty available and are designed for professional environments for extended use. Along with the latest options including powering USB-C devices from the monitor to avoid desk clutter of laptop. With the newest of monitors now coming with Ethernet ports on the monitor, effectively an Ethernet to USB adaptor built into the monitors. With power consuption up to 85 Watts and that will power your laptop, connect you monitor and network in one USB-C cable, desktop clutter is a thing of the past!


Batch Control of Multiple Monitors

Control the settings of multiple monitors with Screen InStyle software.

Turn on/off the power of multiple monitors at the touch of a button and save energy while extending the service life of the monitors. Also, you can change the monitor display settings such as brightness and color mode all at once, saving you the trouble of adjusting them individually.

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Efficient Asset Management of Monitors

Screen InStyle Server is remote management software for asset management of monitors and PCs. View information about Screen InStyle compatible monitors on the network and display it on a Web browser, and register PC property information. Import and export PC and monitor asset information as an Excel file. In addition, centrally manage the power supply settings of monitors and the PCs to conserve power in the office.

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Quality and Reliability

To ensure each FlexScan monitor meets our high standards, EIZO develop, manufacture, and test them at their own facilities. Their quality control process includes long-life testing where monitors are left on for tens of thousands of hours and we have an on-site anechoic chamber to test for compliance with international EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) regulations.

Quality and Reliability

Ergonomic Design for Extended Use

FlexScan monitors are equipped with features that help traders work long hours if necessary while keeping eye fatigue to a minimum. For example, non-glare panels that reduce light reflection, wide viewing angles so the screen contents can be clearly read even when viewing the screen at an angle, thin bezels for almost seamless viewing, and internal circuitry that prevents flickering and noise on the screen.


Boosting Work Efficiency

FlexScan monitors come with ambient brightness sensors which automatically adjust the screen to the ideal brightness level which increases viewing comfort. Ergonomic stands feature height adjustment, tilt, swivel, and portrait mode display.


Prevent Eye Fatigue

Blue light is known to cause eyestrain and fatigue due to its high color temperature. FlexScan monitors come with a 'Paper Mode' function which reduces blue light to make the monitor resemble natural paper. This is ideal for reading websites and writing documents for long periods of time without causing eye fatigue.

Additionally, EIZO's Screen InStyle software has a circadian dimming feature which reduces blue light exposure as the day progresses, mimicking the way the sun rises and sets. By using this function you can view your monitor screen for long periods of time without it affecting your sleep.

Designed to Save Energy

5-Year Warranty

EIZO's dedication to designing, manufacturing, and testing monitors allows us to be confident enough in their reliability that they can offer the industry's only 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

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