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Our Business Partners


We have partnered with the world’s best technology manufacturers to ensure that we deliver quality, high value solutions to our clients every time.




Bar-Ray are worldwide leader in the radiation protection industry. Their products are made exclusivly in their US factory.

Bar-Ray products have earned a reputation of the highest quality across a wide-range of industry applications. From personal radiation protection garments to airport inspection machines, Bar-Ray Products can meet your protection needs. Our product line includes both lead and lead-free products, as well as standard weight and lightweight.

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BMV Logo

BMV Technology Co., Ltd is a professional high-tech company combining R&D, manufacture and distribution of specialty medical devices across medical and veterinary fields. The company has two product categories, namely Ultrasonic Imaging Systems Products, Patient Monitoring Products, and Veterinary Ultrasound Systems Products. These products provided innovative and lifesaving solutions for the world's healthcare markets , also bring veterinary technology to life.

As customer-oriented, and R&D driven company, BMV , owning over 30 types of products, has become a leading medical equipment supplier which maintains sustainable growth worldwide. More than that, BMV company has around 40+ patents, software copyrights, core confidential technology, confidential technics. Provide innovative solutions and superior support to help healthcare professionals and providers ensure safety, enhance patient outcomes, and improve the total cost of care.

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Battery Specialties Australia

Battery Specialties Australia (BSA) has been leading the industry for more than 30 years and is your one-stop solution for all Consumer, Industrial and Special Purpose battery needs and accessories.

With their national network of branches in all states and territories; they are Australia’s largest battery wholesaler.

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Carestream Health

When you think of the world’s first packaged x-ray film; the world’s first medical dry laser imager; the world’s first wireless DR detector, you probably don’t think of the name Carestream. But you should.That’s who Carestream Health are—a world leader in medical imaging for more than 100 years.

***UPDATE*** Recently Carestream Health made the decision (March 2019) to pull out of a number of countries, including Australia and New Zealand. We are still able to access spare parts and support for the installed base of Carestream and some Kodak products. The dental range of prodcuts have been transferred to Carestream Dental and are fully available.

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Carestream Dental

Carestream Dental is transforming dentistry, simplifying technology and changing lives around the world with its innovative digital product line of systems, solutions and support.

From intraoral and extraoral imaging equipment to CAD/CAM solutions, imaging analysis software to practice management systems, Carestream Dental technology captures two billion images annually and aids in more precise diagnoses, improved workflows and superior patient care. 

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Complete Medical Australasia

We work with Complete Medical Australasia for their range radiation protection products including lead glass and Australian made screens, racks and hangers and lead eyeware.

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Dentanomic Logo

Dentanomic are focused purely on making dental hand tools specifically for veterinarians, with sharp, precision blades and an ergonomic design developed to make the veterinarians' job faster, safer and easier. With removable and replaceable blades and precision engineered handles, they are the best dental hand instruments available today.

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ECOTRON is a specialized Portable X-ray, Mobile X-ray system, Surgical C-arm X-ray system and X-ray generator with advanced technology.

Ecotron are particularly specialized in X-ray generator and X-ray system for human and veterinary. As a leader of Portable X-ray, Mobile X-ray system, Surgical C-arm X-ray system and X-ray generator, Ecotron continuously research and study to be the best X-ray system in this field. 

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Contributing to the Betterment of Society as a Visual Technology Company

EIZO is Japanese for image. Founded in 1968, we develop and manufacture high-end display products and other solutions for markets such as business, healthcare, graphics, air traffic control, and maritime. While the customers that we serve are many, our mission is always the same – to create imaging solutions that enrich people in their professional and personal lives.

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IMAGE Information Systems Logo

IMAGE Information Systems is a privately held company founded in 2003 with the aim of providing complete, easy-to-use and innovative medical imaging solutions for radiology and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Having constantly grown since then, the multicultural team is contributing to the company’s success not only from the headquarters in Germany, but also from offices in the United States and India.

By now, installation sites exceed 10,000 in over 100 countries on all continents where customers can enjoy “Medical Imaging with iQ”.

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MAI Logo

MAI Animal Health represents a family of multi-faceted manufacturers and brands that service the Animal Health Industry, under one common ownership. Founded by Mark L. Anderson, DVM, MAI Animal Health draws on more than four decades of veterinary expertise with a commitment to improving both the quality and efficiency of animal healthcare solutions available.  With our veterinary experience and manufacturing expertise, we supply innovative, practical solutions to enhance the lives of animals and their caregivers.

MAI Animal Health is THE SOURCE for solutions in animal healthcare.  With extensive experience and expertise across multiple veterinary disciplines and species, each of the companies under MAI Animal Health share a core commitment to ongoing research and creating simple, but cutting-edge developments. As the manufacturers of the vast majority of products offered, we are able to stand behind reliable, consistent products with unparalleled service and support.

Established to streamline your buying experience, MAI Animal Health has brought together our diverse array of trusted brands that have been in existence for more than 40 years. Products that were previously only available through our separate manufacturing sites are now available to purchase from one source. Recognized globally, MAI Animal Health proudly offers products through our valued distributor and dealer partners.

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All Podoblock products have been developed in order to help you make quick and safe, high-quality X-rays. Every piece of equipment has been designed, built and tested by Podoblock, based on experience, earned during 25 years of working professionally with horses. All made in the Netherlands by Podoblock.

Podoblock products are made of the highest quality materials, built to last for decades. Podoblock supplies accessories for every X-ray system on the market, both for standard and special tailor-made configurations.

Podoblock supply our products through a network of distributors or, if needed, directly to you. Through solid connections with our distributors and vets around the world Podoblock has built a network for coming up with the best ideas and the latest problems to solve.

‘Being the no-nonsense company that Podoblock has always have been, Podoblock continue to take pride in knowing our customers personally and use short communication lines.

‘ Impossible’ is an adjective that Podoblock abhor and we will release all our intellectual and critical faculties in order to solve any problem you run into. When you contact Podoblock you will talk to one of the Podoblock Team, and no one else, and you will deem us honest, trustworthy and reliable.

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With the innovative new GoDR software, having a consistient platform for your medical and veterinary DR acquisition and being agnostic the panel you choose to use allow far greater user choice and not having to constantly retrain staff on systems.

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RadmediX are a Leading Provider of Innovative Products & Reliable Solutions in Digital Radiology.

Radmedix provides flat panel digital detectors, advanced image processing software, and cutting edge cloud PACS solutions designed with the customer in mind. With nearly 3 decades of clinical imaging experience, we deliver reliable solutions to all clinical applications.

With our ever expanding network of distribution partners across the globe, Radmedix offers our valued clients access to efficient, state of the art digital x-ray solutions with unmatched quality at an affordable cost.

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RC Imaging

RC Imaging (formerly Rochester Cassette Repair Center) specializes in DR Panel protection, CR Cassette repair, and radiography accessories. We thoroughly inspect each product we offer and service, testing the equipment with modern X-ray exposure, and digital radiography.

They understand the importance of quality diagnostic imaging in patient care, we perform all work according to ISO 9000:2015 standards.

Founded in 1991 by a former sales representative for Eastman Kodak, Harry Bostley, we have over 29 years of experience behind our products and services. We have built our reputation on personalized customer service and meticulous craftsmanship.

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Shimadzu Medical Systems

Shimadzu Medical Systems (Oceania) Pty Ltd is an Australasian subsidiary of Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan.

Shimadzu Medical Systems started direct operations in Australia in 1996, and expanded to New Zealand in 2007. In 1999, Konica Medical Imaging joined forces with Shimadzu Medical Systems, followed by Minolta Corporation in 2003, to create one of the largest radiology supply companies in Oceania. The two companies share facilities across the region and in 2008 have a combined staffing of approximately 100 people.

To create our future we must continually examine where we are and where we are going; make adjustments that take advantage of business opportunities while maintaining a solid financial base and recognising the value of our employees and their contribution to the future of the company.

Of paramount importance is our customer service. The goal of the Shimadzu product support staff is to ensure our customers success with their instruments. Highly trained field service technicians, strategically located throughout Australia and New Zealand, are equipped to enable fast and efficient response to any situation. They are supported by experienced product engineers and applications specialists.

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The Edge Equine™

Specialised in Equine Dental solutions, The Edge Equine™ manufactures and supplies the finest quality equine dental equipment available in the world today.

Established in 2001, The Edge Equine™ now enjoys a worldwide reputation with distributors in the UK / Europe, USA, and New Zealand, and end users in countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Singapore and many more.

The Edge Equine™ has attained this enviable position by remaining open and always available to our end users, thereby helping to develop and bring to life ideas and needs that can make this physically demanding job a little easier and a lot more efficient. A direct result of this input is our own innovative range of disposable dental rasps and low profile dental floats, the first of their kind available in the world.

Where the The Edge Equine™ covers the equine dental space, we cover the equine radiology, positioning and protection prodcucts and the small animal radiology and dental space but we have a very close relationship.

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X-Ray Shop Website Logo

Australian owned and operated, the X-Ray Shop makes custom x-ray markers for radiographers and medical imaging professionals.  Radiopaque markers are used to mark anatomical sides, wound entry points and regions of interest. The use of side markers, Lead x-ray markers, pb markers, lead markers, radiographic markers, anatomical side markers – whatever you wish to call them is considered best practice as a radiographer, and important for patient safety.

The X-ray shop makes using x-ray markers fun! We have partnered with the X-Ray Shop for our marker needs. There will be some items listed on our page that are standard styles but if you want custom markers, Click Here