Become a Vet of the Future

Full practice integration: Become a Vet of the Future

As a vet, you’re constantly required to do more, with less time. This means you have to make the most efficient use of your time possible. To help you gain efficiencies, increase productivity, and reduce errors, we recommend that you leverage practice integration to automate all of the time-consuming administration in your veterinary practice.


Any of the following sound familiar?

  • “I need access to my patient’s images, but I can’t find them.”
  • “My patient information is riddled with mistakes.”
  • “I saved my client’s images on one workstation, but need them on another.”
  • “My staff are struggling to meet our clients’ demands with our current equipment.”
  • “I can’t send our patients’ digital images to other consultants.”
  • “I don’t have enough space to accommodate equine patients to capture their images.”

If any or all of these are concerns for you, you probably need a solution that integrates all the different parts and processes of your practice.

But what exactly would that entail? Well, you’d have an image capture modality that saves images onto a high-capacity external server, which can store hundreds of full-quality DICOM images without slowing down or clogging up your hard drives. Of course, the server would be linked to your practice management software, assigning the images to your patients’ profiles and accessible with a click of a mouse… or with a tap of a finger on a smart phone or tablet. So, you could take your images with you wherever you go. Better yet, you could capture the images off site with mobile, hand held modalities, view them instantly, and send them off to your practice for a second opinion.

Most importantly, you could dedicate more time to your patients and be where they need you to be, without any administrative constraints.

Does this sound like your ideal practice environment? Sounds like you need to become a vet of the future.




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