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No more compatibility issues when reading in external patient media at the front desk. DICOMReader ensures full readability of all medical image formats and allows easy import of any medical images into any PACS.

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Read in virtually any patient media into any PACS, be it CD, DVD, USB or Blu-Ray.


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DICOMReader imports all medical image files stored on a patient’s media and, if necessary, converts them into a format that the local PACS can read.

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Be Efficient

With DICOMReader, physicians can save time and rely on consistent data that can be effortlessly forwarded to colleagues for second opinions.



DICOMReader overview

Comprehensive overview and status of reading jobs

Reconciliation screen

Reconciliation screen - reliable assignment of external studies to local patient information

DICOMReader Tree-based view

Tree-based view for easy selection of patients, studies, series or images to be imported