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Why not have it all for a change? iQ-WEB is a complete, easy-to-use and affordable PACS solution for storing, viewing and distributing any medical imaging studies and reports. It consists of several applications all in one package.

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DICOM Server

enables communication between modalities and the archive server. It is essential for image storage, query/retrieve, forwarding, printing, as well as importing and exporting any kind of DICOM object.


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iQ-WEB stores up to 500 million images in a single database and includes hierarchical archive support for short-term and long-term archives. Any file format can be stored including endoscopy, microscopy, pathology, and more.

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Web Server

allows the secure web-based distribution of any medical image and report to an unlimited number of web users, combined with efficient user management and strict authentication procedures.


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Web-based Reporting

With iQ-4VIEW’s integrated report editor or the optional iQ-X reporting module, physicians can create DICOM Structured Reports online from anywhere in the world.



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Optional interface to seamlessly integrate iQ-WEB with virtually any medical information system for quick and easy access to imaging studies and reports from a HIS, EMR or practice management system. Click title for more.


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Highest Privacy

iQ-WEB is compliant with US and European data protection laws and regulations. Referring physicians may log in to review only their own cases while the chief radiologist can be granted access to the entire patient database. Imaging data can also be shared among physicians, while staying compliant with strict privacy regulations.



iQ-4VIEW is a web-based DICOM viewer that gives the iQ-WEB PACS its Zero-Footprint viewer, allowing for flexible image diagnosis and reporting from any location and device. It is both platform and browser independent and provides you with all that is needed for diagnostic medical image reading at high speed.

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You can run iQ-4VIEW on virtually any browser and operating system using both portable devices and desktop computers. No installation needed at all. 

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High-Speed Viewing

iQ-4VIEW allows for immediate viewing of almost any kind of medical or radiology images, structured reports or PDF in diagnostic quality – all within 3 seconds.

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Web-based Reporting

With iQ-4VIEW’s integrated report editor physicians can create DICOM Structured Reports online from anywhere in the world.

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iQ-4VIEW allows medical images to be viewed in diagnostic quality according to FDA and EU guidelines.

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iQ-4VIEW allows medical images to be viewed in diagnostic quality according to FDA and EU guidelines.

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 Web-based documentation of annotations as DICOM Secondary Capture.


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Comprehensive chiropractic, orthopedic and trauma measurement tools including cervical curves, Cobb angle, George´s line, Gonstead analysis and more.

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Semiautomatic spine labeling speeds up your reading.

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Automatic screen tiling for fast operation.


Special Add-ons


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Zero-footprint tool for web-based 3D visualization of CT and MRI series

  • Web-based 3D visualization for iQ-WEB
  • Runs on both tablet and desktop computers 
  • No client installation necessary


  • Double oblique MPR for trauma and oncology
  • Curved MPR for vessel and spine imaging
  • Volume rendering including cropping
  • Virtual endoscopic view

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Optional feature that integrates studies with any HIS, RIS or information system using the HL7 protocol. Click title to learn more

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Optional module that automatically converts HL7 text reports received from RIS, HIS or EMR into DICOM structured reports, and stores them in iQ-WEB or vice versa.

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Business intelligence solution which provides system administrators and radiology directors with iQ-WEB PACS statistics at a glance.