iQ-ROBOT* is a convenient robot solution for managing the distribution of digital imaging studies and reports on portable optical media, such as DVD-R or Blu-Ray. Imaging centers of any size and data volume can employ iQ-ROBOT for fully automated patient media creation - including burning and labeling - from any modality or workstation using Epson® and PRIMERA™ robot systems.

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Send media projects from your iQ-VIEW workstation directly to iQ-ROBOT for flexible media creation. Several iQ-VIEW stations may be connected to iQ-ROBOT at once.

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Users can send burn jobs from any DICOM compatible device to iQ-ROBOT to create the corresponding patient media.

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includes an automatic backup functionality to create portable optical archive media on a defined schedule or any preferred interval.

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Media created with iQ-ROBOT are compatible with IHE PDI and DICOM-CD regulations, enabling any recipient of imaging media to easily read or process the contained information.

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Label Editor

Choose your own label design. Besides patient demographics and study data, labels may include logos, background graphics, special features of the practice, opening hours, and more.

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Shared Workload

Balance the workload or save service costs by connecting several robot devices from either Epson®, PRIMERA™ or both vendors.