DICOM worklists are indispensable in a radiological environment, as they accelerate the modality workflow and ensure that typing errors are avoided. By using iQ-WORKLIST, consistent data is maintained throughout all Veterinary imaging systems.


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Flexible Integration

VET-WORKLIST can interface with virtually any radiology, practice or hospital information system, read scheduling data, and create DICOM worklists for imaging modalities.

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Low maintenance

VET-WORKLIST can be easily installed and configured due to the included configuration presets. It is reliable and easy to maintain. For special circumstances, VET-WORKLIST offers PACS administrators a powerful mapping tool for data conversion between various standards.

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Three versions

Choose the VET-WORKLIST that fits your connection needs best. There are three versions available depending on the number of modalities to be connected. (2, 10, or unlimited)

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Fully automated workflow

VET-WORKLIST can read procedure information from connected modalities, such as radiation dose, billing data, study status, series, or image data, and provide it to the feeding information system like HIS, RIS or EMR..

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Superior performance

VET-WORKLIST uses an SQL database which increases its performance and results in more efficient data processing.

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Many information systems lack an HL7 interface. By using VET-WORKLIST, virtually any information system can be connected using freely configurable text files.