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Veterinary Scopes

Are high priced endoscopes making them a low priority?


We have an affordable source of unique and quality endoscopes for the Veterinary Marketplace. Our full line of lighting, optical and video equipment is used by Veterinarians as a powerful diagnostic tool, saving time and money through the technologies developed for and with help from our customers. Our systems are some of the least expensive of their kind in the marketplace and have applications for large and small animal practitioners alike. Do more in your practice to generate revenue in your practice with help from the ARO Systems range, with the latest developments in endoscopic, video and lighting technologies as they become available.


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Full Scope Systems

With both cost effective and HD scope systems, there should be choice to suit your needs.

With several different scope options, there will be a combination that will work for your needs.


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video endoscope and light source


Otoscope with sheath and portable LED light source





We have a range of otoscopes to suit different needs and they can be either portable or have powered light sources and cameras added to them.

Having a rotating tube option generally means they system will have more power (typically 32kW for vets) and time for exposure will be significatly less.

With several different x-ray generator options, there will be a combination that will work for your needs.


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 Semi-Flexible Micro-Endoscopes

Looking for micro-endoscopes? We can help you out.

Micro-Endoscopes allow diagnostic capability in areas of the body that are usually inaccessible. Although designed to aid in the placement of endo-tracheal tubes in small mammals, this endoscope can be used for cat and dog rhinoscopy, otoscopy and cystoscopy.


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Vet semi-flexible micro-endoscope with portable LED light scource

Browiner MobileSparkler mobile x-ray generator with radiographer driving it

Mobile X-Ray Generators

Need a mobile with the power to do eveything bigger x-ray systems can do, then this will fit your needs

With an integrated wireless DR detector and 32kW with a standard fixed column or a telescopic column and a veterianry specific interface, there wil be a model to suit you.


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Portable X-Ray Generators

With a range or portable x-ray machine to suit small animal or equine x-ray needs, there are light weight to high output portable x-ray generators.

Want to truly be fully mobile, then look a the battery powered versions with all the same features as their cordered version but without the trip hazard and power supply need.


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 Ecotron Portable X-Ray


A Bit More On Scopes

Rigid Scopes

Commonly, rigid scopes have a series of high resloutions optical glass rod lenses. Scopes can be forward viewing (0 degree) or angled (10-120 degrees) to allow visualisation out of the axis of the scope and increase the FOV (Field Of View) by rotation of the instrument.

rigid scope illustration with parts wordings marked on it



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