• WD Ultrastar Enterprise 3.5" SATA

WD Ultrastar Enterprise 3.5" SATA

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Western Digital Ultrastar Enterprise Series

Let Your Data Thrive with Ultrastar Quality, Capacity, and Power Efficiency
Delivering highly dependable performance to any storage environment, Ultrastar hard drives are designed for demanding workloads (up to 550TB per year), 10 times the workload rating of desktop drives. Ultrastar drives employ advanced technologies for enterprise-class reliability and power efficiency, to deliver a lower

total cost of ownership, so you can safeguard more of your valuable data. The Ultrastar family delivers a long-standing tradition of reliability with an unbeaten 5-year limited warranty. Western Digital is dedicated to providing a complete portfolio of hard drives to create environments for your data to thrive..

- Our most popular Ultrastar SATA models
- Full range of capacities (1TB to 14TB)
- High workload rating, 10X higher than desktop drives, for 24x7 operation
- Advanced technology design supports enterprise-class reliability and power efficiency
- 6 Gb/s SATA
- 5-year limited warranty

Applications and Workload
- Cloud applications and distributed file systems like Apache Hadoop® to support Big Data analytics
- Bulk storage using Object storage solutions like Ceph™ and OpenStack Swift
- Direct & Network Attached Storage (DAS & NAS), RAID storage
- Industrial or Surveillance Applications
- Entry Server Storage

Capacities Available
- 1 TB
- 2 TB
- 4 TB
- 6 TB
- 8 TB
- 10 TB
- 12 TB
- 14 TB

WD Ultrastar Enterprise SATA Hard Drives
Product Specifications
- Interface SATA 6 Gb/s

Performance Specifications
- Rotational Speed 7,200 RPM (nominal)
- Buffer Size 600MB
- Load/unload Cycles 600,000 minimum

Transfer Rates
Buffer To Host (Serial ATA) 6 Gb/s (Max)

Physical Specifications
- Capacity 1/2/4/6/8/10/12/14 TB
- Form Factor 3.5 Inch

- Height 26.1 mm
- Depth 147 mm
- Width 101.6 mm

Environmental Specifications
- Operating Shock (Read) 70G, 2 ms
- Non-operating Shock 300G, 2 ms

- Idle Mode 20/25/29/34 dBA (average)
- Seek Mode 0 28/36/38 dBA (average)
- Seek Mode 3 28/36/38 dBA (average)

Temperature (Metric)
- Operating 5° C to 60° C
- Non-operating -40° C to 70° C

Electrical Specifications
- Current Requirements
- Power Dissipation
- Read/Write 6.0/6.9/9.2/8.8/7.0/8.1 Watts
- Idle 5.0/5.5/5.9/7.4/8.0/ Watts
- Standby 0.4/0.8/0.9/1.4/2.9 Watts
- Sleep 0.4/0.8/0.9/1.4/2.9 Watts

- Operating System Compatibility: Windows/Mac

- 5 Years