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iQ-ROBOT* is the convenient robot solution for managing the burning and printing of patient media from any modality or workstation using Epson® and PRIMERA™ robot systems.

iQ-ROBOT is designed for low-cost/high-quality distribution of digital imaging studies and reports on portable optical media, such as DVD-R or Blu-ray. Imaging centers of any size and data volume can employ iQ-ROBOT for fully automated media creation including burning and labeling. To balance the workload or save service costs, you may connect several robot devices from either Epson®, PRIMERA™ or both vendors.

Media created with iQ-ROBOT are compatible with IHE PDI and DICOM-CD regulations, enabling any recipient of imaging media to easily read or process the contained information. Any portable DICOM viewer, e.g. iQ-LITE, may be included on the media, allowing for flexible viewing of the studies later on.

iQ-ROBOT PRO can simultaneously receive data from a combination of DICOM modalities, such as CT, MRI ultrasound, and X-ray, as well as from archives or viewers. It can collect the data and automatically create DOCOMO media according to the user’s preferences (e.g. all data concerning a patient, a patient visit or a study).

Additionally, users can design various print layouts for the media labels. This is an especially important feature for imaging centers that produce patient media for multiple institutions. The design possibilities are virtually endless: Besides patient demographics and study data, labels may include logos, special features of the practice, opening hours etc.

Need less?
iQ-ROBOT BASIC is a cost-effective alternative for specialists (e.g. Orthopaedic surgeons, chiropractors, and internal specialists) to add to their iQ-VIEW station. In this workflow, burn jobs are sent directly to iQ-ROBOT from iQ-VIEW instead of via DOCOMO communication.

Need more?
iQ-ROBOT PREMIUM includes a backup functionality by collecting data and creating portable optical archive media, e.g. CD-R or DVD-R, on a defined schedule such as on selected days, every weekday or at any other preferred interval.

iQ-ROBOT includes a full-featured editor for the easy customization of labels. Background graphics, such as institution/practice logos, as well as patient and study data, can be personalized and arranged as desired.


Simultaneously receives media creation jobs from any modality (e.g. CT, MRI, ultrasound, endoscopy etc.), PACS or viewer, including option for Storage Commitment messages (PRO and PREMIUM) (NEW!)
- Receives media projects from iQ-VIEW workstations
- Runs in the background as a Windows service
- Supports multiple robot devices simultaneously
- Allows the creation of patient media for multiple institutions with one iq robot (PRO and PREMIUM)
- Offers customizable media creation through user-defined profiles, including:
- Content (all data of a patient, a patient visit, or a study)
- Support of iQ-LITE viewer and portable IHE PDI compliant 3rd party DICOM viewers (e.g. for nuclear medicine or general radiology)
- Job prioritization (PRO and PREMIUM)
- Preferred or available robotic device for workload balancing
- Media type
- Number of copies
- Language selection for iQ-LITE user interface (PRO and PREMIUM)
- Provides status information about connected robots, fill level of the cartridges and media count
- Supports Blu-ray burning capabilities
- Includes automatic backup functionality (PREMIUM)
- Immediate email notifications (device errors/warnings) to prevent inconveniences (e.g. empty disc bin, jammed discs, (almost) empty cartridges)
- Faster and easier problem solving by providing possible solutions in error messages (NEW!)

- Automatically writes to CD-R, CD-RW or DVD}R, DVD}RW, DVD}DL or BD-R media
- Supports EpsonR Discproducer. PP-100N, PP-100II, PP-100IIBD, PP-100AP, PP-50, PP-50BD)
- Supports Primera. Disc Publisher SE-3, Disc Publisher 4200 Series, Disc Publisher 4202 XRP, Disc Publisher 4100 Series, Disc Publisher II, Disc Publisher PRO, Disc Publisher XR, Disc Publisher XRP, Disc Publisher SE and Disc Publisher Pro Xi-Series

- Provides high-quality label customization including background graphics (Enhanced and more convenient Label Editor) (NEW!)
- Provides any country-specific date/time and patient name formats
- Combines several DICOM tags to avoid text overlapping

- Supports any Latin and non-Latin languages for patient and study information in project overview and media labelling

- Single (PC-based) or concurrent (floating user) licenses (NEW!)

- English and German

- CE


Requirements: iQ-VIEW/PRO (3.0 or higher) and Epson® robot devices (Discproducer PP-100N, PP-100II, PP-100IIBD, PP-100AP, PP-50 and PP-50BD), or Primera™ robot devices (Disc Publisher II, Disc Publisher PRO, Disc Publisher XR, Disc Publisher XRP, Disc Publisher SE, Disc Publisher SE-3, Disc Publisher Pro Xi series, Disc Publisher 4100 series, Disc Publisher 4200 Series, Disc Publisher 4202 XRP)

License model: one software license per server and robot device or one concurrent license
Trial license: time-limited (15 days in iQ-ROBOT PRO mode, additional 15 days in iQ-ROBOT BASIC mode)
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
Activation method: fingerprint/software activation key
Languages: English, German
Annual Service Package: Mandatory (see Warranty and Service Packages for details)