Carestream Vita CR Optical Head Assembly

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Carestream Vita CR Optical Head Assembly to suit Vita LE, Vita & Vita XE CR scanners

Recommended to use this assembly for machines produced before 2017, subject to checks.

Announcement and Instructional
The Optical Head Replacement Kit, SP000265, and changes in installation for field replacement of the Optical Head Assembly. Installation of the Optical Head requires a new Photo Multiplier Tube (PMT) be installed in the PMT Assembly, SP000202 to prevent a black band image artifact. SP000265 contains the new Optical Head, a PMT, and Cable.

Laser Head Assembly, p/n SK000204, went obsolete in 2012.
Optical Head Assembly, p/n SP000253, is no longer available, and is being replaced with new Optical Head p/n CPAS000797.

Manufacturing Release
Vita Systems manufactured after January 1, 2017 have this Optical Head and do not require the replacement kit.

Note: This should be installed by a qualified technical engineer, as there are specific steps and specialised equipment required in the installation process