• KaVo - Nomad Pro Hand Held X-Ray
  • KaVo - Nomad Pro Hand Held X-Ray

KaVo - Nomad Pro Hand Held X-Ray

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KAVO - Nomad Pro Handheld Xray

The NOMAD Pro joins the family of award-winning KaVo NOMAD handheld dental X-ray systems, the most advanced systems on the market today. The NOMAD Pro offers an enhanced user interface, preset and programmable exposure settings, and additional time-saving features. Its lighter weight and cordless design improves dental radiography speed, convenience, and efficiency. One NOMAD Pro does the work of multiple conventional X-ray systems, making it extremely economical. The leading technology of NOMAD Pro provides the highest level of safety, quality, and patient care for your dental practice.

- Entire unit weighs just over 2 kilograms.
- Handheld design moves from room to room.
- Perfect for use with children and special needs patients.
- Ideal for clinical, hospital, home-health & nursing homes.
- Can be used with sensors, phosphor plates and films
- Lithium Polymer batteries for long life
- Spare battery with charger
- Backscatter shield
- 0.4mm focal spot for high quality images
- Programmable exposure times

Take quality images with a truly portable hand-held x-ray, Any time...Anyplace !

Here’s how:
- Economical - One NOMAD Pro can easily do the work of multiple conventional wall-mount x-ray systems in clinical use, and it is unequalled for field work.
- Truly Portable - Weighing only 2.5kg, the battery powered hand-held NOMAD Pro dental x-ray offers true portability with cordless operation and freedom from line voltage fluctuation. On one charge, NOMAD Pro can easily take more than 100 exposures.
- Improves Quality and Workflow - Now take an x-ray anytime during a procedure for verification. You will have more diagnostic information when you need it. You will practice better dentistry! NOMAD Pro gets the x-ray to the patient, not the patient to the x-ray so you don’t even leave the room! This improves work flow and saves time.
Easy to Use - The only input you need is the exposure time, entered through the user-friendly digital control panel. It’s easier for you and more comfortable for the patient. The ease of use and time savings is especially effective with children.
- Works Wherever You Go - NOMAD Pro is perfect for traveling humanitarian/mobile dentistry with minimal equipment and facilities.

Application areas:
- Any dental surgery aiming to share equipment between rooms
- Working with small children or patients who are unable to remain stationary during the exposure
- Remote dental examinations in conjunction with digital sensor technology
- Military dental examination in remote locations
- Veterinary dental and small area examinations (paws, limbs, etc.)
- Forensic victim identification

Can you get clear Radiographs?
It has been clinically shown that NOMAD Pro produces diagnostic quality x-rays and will work equally well with both film and digital imaging media. NOMAD Pro provides all the benefits of DC performance: highest quality images and lowest patient dosage. NOMAD Pro’s high-frequency, 60kv DC x-ray generator provides constant radiation output. This improves image quality while reducing the dose to the patient relative to traditional half-wave (AC) generators. There is also no loss of image quality due to movement of the Nomad during the exposure.

Operator Protection
The external backscatter shield and internal radiation shielding are specially designed to protect the operator from radiation exposure. In fact, the exposure from using NOMAD Pro is orders of magnitude less than allowed by the Australian and New Zealand Standards. NOMAD radiation exposure is actually less than 1% of the allowed occupational doses. NOMAD is safe!

Consistent Performance
The high-frequency, constant potential X-Ray generator provides constant radiation output. This improves image quality while reducing the skin dose to the patient relative to traditional half-wave (AC) generators.

Ease of Operation
The light weight NOMAD Pro is designed for simple operation. The only operator input needed is the exposure time, which is entered on the user-friendly digital control panel. NOMAD Pro is compatible with both traditional x-ray film and digital sensors, making it easy for you and easy for the patient.

The NOMAD Pro can also be supplied in a portable Flight Case configuration allowing the operator to be highly mobile and have everything together in one convenient transport case. The Flight Case includes the NOMAD Pro, a digital x-ray sensor, a toughened notebook PC with archiving software, an intraoral camera, a photo printer and a document satchel in the lid. All equipment is protected in the custom foam lining making the flight case a truly portable solution.

More Convenience - Less Cost
Because the NOMAD Pro Cordless Handheld X-ray System is completely portable, just one can replace multiple wall-mounted x-ray sources.

Optional - Transport Case
The NOMAD Pro carry case is designed to protect the unit during any kind or rough treatment. With space for two rechargeable batteries, the NOMAD Pro Carry case is ready to go.

Fitted with a telescopic handle, the case can be transported easily on low friction Castors

Optional - Flight Case
The portable Flight Case enables you to carry all the required dental imaging and diagnostic equipment for any examination in a single transport case. The case is fitted with a telescopic handle and castors for ease of use. Fitted with a custom foam insert, the case guarantees the safe transport of your delicate equipment even in the roughest conditions.

All the equipment is battery powered and can be also be used with mains power. When inserted into the case, each piece of equipment is connected to a central charging circuit with a single power connect for ease of use. Simply plug the power lead into the mains socket and each piece of equipment in the case will begin charging.

Ready to go when you are!

- Lithium Polymer, 22.2 V, 1.25 Ahr

Anode Voltage
- 60 kV true DC

Anode Current
- 2.5 mA

Exposure Time Range
- 0.01 - 1.00 s

Focal Spot
- 0.4 mm

Inherent Filtration
- > 1.5 mm AI

Source to Skin Distance
- 20 cm

X-ray Field
- 60 mm round

Maximum Duty Cycle
- 1:60

Total Weight
- <2.5 kg