• Inovadent™ KLAW 3 - Piezo Tip

Inovadent™ KLAW 3 - Piezo Tip

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Ultrasonic vibrations coupled with the precision KLAW tips will effectively leave the healthiest teeth and periodontal tissue in veterinary dental patients. Use a feather like touch - let the tips do the work!

- Designed to clean the deep developmental grooves in dog and cat teeth and to remove calculus deposits, discoloration and eliminate bacterial plaque
- Reduces the need for manual instruments
- Used for subgingival scaling (KLAW 1 & 4)
- Designed by a veterinarian specifically for the veterinary industry
- Tips are small and easy to thread onto piezoelectric scaler handpiece
- Provides patient comfort
- Various tips available

KLAW 3 Usage Description:
A small instrument with a left 30-degree angle near the thin tip for ease of scaling difficult to reach areas. Designed for right mandibular buccal surfaces, left mandibular lingual surfaces, left maxillary buccal surfaces and right maxillary lingual surfaces.
- Ideal for scaling teeth of cats and small dogs
- Opposite angle of the KLAW 2
- Size and angle allows for ease in scaling difficult to reach areas