• Inovadent™ KLAW 6 - Piezo Tip

Inovadent™ KLAW 6 - Piezo Tip

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Ultrasonic vibrations coupled with the precision KLAW tips will effectively leave the healthiest teeth and periodontal tissue in veterinary dental patients. Use a feather like touch - let the tips do the work!

- Designed to clean the deep developmental grooves in dog and cat teeth and to remove calculus deposits, discoloration and eliminate bacterial plaque
- Reduces the need for manual instruments
- Used for subgingival scaling (KLAW 1 & 4)
- Designed by a veterinarian specifically for the veterinary industry
- Tips are small and easy to thread onto piezoelectric scaler handpiece
- Provides patient comfort
- Various tips available

KLAW 6Usage Description:
A longer shaft version of the KLAW 4 with a wider diameter, heavy knurl and rounded tip that create a more aggressive action for removing heavy supragingival calculus.
- Speciality tip
- Designed with heavy knurl for breaking up heavy calculus