• DEKOM DIANAdicom SD Video Capture to DICOM System
  • DEKOM DIANAdicom SD Video Capture to DICOM System
  • DEKOM DIANAdicom SD Video Capture to DICOM System
  • DEKOM DIANAdicom SD Video Capture to DICOM System
  • DEKOM DIANAdicom SD Video Capture to DICOM System

DEKOM DIANAdicom SD Video Capture to DICOM System

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Digitize video images - export DICOM

DIANA is an application that digitizes, temporarily stores and then automatically
saves the imaging data from all imaging modalities in one or more DICOM archives
via network.
Individual images and/or sequences.

Advantages and Functionality
- Connects all imaging equipment with archiving and information systems (PACS, department information Systems/HIS, etc.)
- One System for all video signals: conversion of all image and video data to DICOM
- Patient data transfer via DICOM Worklist, GDT and HL7
- The system converts every medical imaging device into a DICOM modality and fulfils all requirements regarding the recording and sharing of videos, its connection to information systems, and teleconsulting
- The simple and intuitive user interface allows for complete device management and documentation.
- All image data from devices connected to the DIANA system will be automatically converted into DICOM frames and sequences (multi-frame, ultrasound, visible light) - in resolutions up to full HD and in various image compression types.
- Image data from two or more sources can be processed.
- All image data generated by connected medical devices is automatically stored in the local archives of the DIANAdicom system. The system thus ensures both failover capability for unsuccessful data transmission to the central archive and an offline mode (emergency equipment trolley) for control and processing with later transmission to your chive or central repository.
- The image data from your examinations are automatically transmitted through the network and stored as single frames or sequences in your DICOM archives (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems [PACS], ect).

- Live monitoring
- Records sequences of any desired length
- SD video capture
- Master data import via Worklist
- Fully automatic storage
- Local archive for inspection and editing
- Send single DICOM images (multiple compression types) and DICOM sequences (multiframe, US, visible light)
- Two sources can be processed simultaneously

- Video to DICOM / MPEG-4 AVC (Supplement 149)
- Medical workstation fanless
- Medical power supply
- High Definition DVI, SDI, S-Video,RGB, Composite video capture
- 10inch Touchscreen monitor
- Patient and study demographics via DICOM Modality Worklist
- Alternative emergency patient via keyboard per touch
- Trigger / Recording via Touch, Mouse or optional Footswitch
- Select images and videos before import to PACS

- DICOM Send, DICOM Worklist or Filecopy over LAN/WIFI
- Compatible to Windows 7, 8, 10
- DICOM Send
- DICOM Worklist
- Non DICOM (Media-Player-capable formats)

Input signals
- Composite
- DVI-D (dependent on the hardware provided)

- Highline und High Frequency (Irradiation)
- Simultaneous recording of two sources
- Can be fully integrated into the Doris concept (Worklist on Demand)
- Bluetooth or wired footswitch