• Inovadent™ Pear-Shape Bur #331, FG, 19 mm - Carbide 5-Pack

Inovadent™ Pear-Shape Bur #331, FG, 19 mm - Carbide 5-Pack

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Pear-Shape Bur #331, FG, 19mm - Carbide 5-Pack

Pear shaped burs are used to create an undercut for retention of filling materials. Pear shaped burs have a rounded edge unlike inverted cones.

Key Features:
- Pack of 5 autoclavable burs
- ISO Bur Head Size: 010 (Maximum diameter of the tip: 1.0mm)
- 1.6mm Head Length
- 19mm Shaft Length
- Carbide steel material
- For sectioning teeth
- High quality burs made in Germany
- Stays sharper for longer
- Fits in all push-button High Speed Hand pieces

Note: Friction Grip (FG) Burs are normally used in high-speed handpieces. Best practice is to dispose of burs between each patient to reduce turbine wear of the high-speed handpiece. They should not be used for more than 3 patients for risk of potential damage to the high-speed handpiece turbine.

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