• EcoRay Orange 1060HF Portable X-Ray Generator with Skin Guards for Medical Use

EcoRay Orange 1060HF Portable X-Ray Generator with Skin Guards for Medical Use

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ECORAY Orange 1060HF is a portable x-ray generator with skin guards and is a Medical device and radiological machine for Human use.

ECORAY’s high frequency inverter technology is heading to more valuable, durable and powerful to produce the high quality of images with every imaging solution.

It is used for the radiographic investigation, performed by a qualified operator, in compliance with the effective safety and health regulations concerning the ionizing protection and the electrical and mechanical safety of the medical devices.

- Powerful & Stable output with unique features for user convenience
- Portable X-ray generators for veterinary purposes
- It is light, compact and powerful X-ray machine that you can easily carry from one place to another
- Compact size but powerful output 100kV/60mA
- Outstanding & Stable imaging capability
- Ergonomic & Soft OP panel layout
- Easy access to DR systems with FPD
- Convenient handling for advanced image quality

- Generator Type: Monobloc design, High Frequency Inverter
- HV Generator: 3.2kW (80kv@40mA)
- Max kV / mA: 100kV / 60mA
- 40 - 100kV in 1kV Steps
- X-Ray Tube Focal Spot: 2.0mm x 2.0mm
- 0.32 - 100 mAs (26 Steps)
- mA Available: 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60mA
- SID measurement: Tape & Laser Pointer
- Memory: 8 APR (Extendible to 16)
- 13.5 kg
- Power requirements: 3.2kVa, 230VAC, 10A, 50Hz
- Size: 344x191x210mm
- 2 Year Warranty
- In the box: Aluminium Carry Case, Spare Globe, Spare Fuse
- Specifications subject to change without notice