• MAI LikShield™ Patch, 6" x 9" Box of 18
  • MAI LikShield™ Patch, 6" x 9" Box of 18

MAI LikShield™ Patch, 6" x 9" Box of 18

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LikShield™ is a lick deterrent aid that covers bandages on animal's wound sites and replaces the need for Elizabethan collars and bitter sprays. It delivers a mild tingle to the tongue, providing an effective treatment to prevent licking and promote the healing of wounds, post-surgical sites and lick granulomas. The non-invasive, battery powered design also allows the animal to behave normally while the bandage remains in place, maximizing successful recovery.

-Protects large body areas post surgically
- Highly effective, fast acting relief for most pets
- Provides a safe, mild electric stimulus to the pet's tongue when licked to deter pet from licking
- Tingling sensation and unpleasant taste will prevent pets from licking, allowing wound to heal
- Centre cut-out (vented) portion of bandage allows for incision site ventilation and treatment
- Proven in veterinary trials to be over 90% effective, regardless of size, age or breed of pet
- FDA-approved adhesive can be applied directly to skin around an incision or over a bandaged area
- Available in a resizeable 6h x 9h patch for wide-area coverage: abdomen, loin, back, tail head, etc.

Effective treatment for:
- Surgical incisions
- Wound management
- Splints and casted areas
- Urinary catheters
- Seton drains
- IV's