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Medical Monitors

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 With a range of medical monitors with TGA approval for all applications, primary diagnostic reporting, clinical review and medical grade touchscreens, there will be a monitor to suit your needs. With custom workstations to suit the monitor you select, the options are there for solutions that will work for you.



Eizo - Making Each Life Visual 

Every life is unique. Every person's medical treatment should be tailored to meet their individual needs.

In the age of precision medicine, biotechnologies, artificial intelligence, and information technology offer new avenues for diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.

Precision requires comprehensive information. Collecting, linking, and analyzing data and recording, storing, and evaluating image data represent a critical resource for modern medical practices.

Faster treatment success, a better quality of life: Technical innovation has an immediate impact on the medical processes in hospitals and operating rooms. This is why EIZO employs all of their experience and works with highly qualified medical teams to produce reliable systems for processing image data in the age of precision medicine.

EIZO's knowledge is in the service of better health. Every life is worth it.

Diagnostics and Examinations

Precise Diagnosis

Medical staff using an Eizo Monitor

EIZO's RadiForce medical monitor solutions offer DICOM Part 14 compliance for accurately reproducing delicate shadows and grayscale changes. They also feature other high-performance characteristics as required in the medical field, such as high brightness to maintain clear visibility even in bright environments.

Comprehensive Lineup

RadiForce offers a full lineup of monitors in various sizes and resolutions, with a range of functions to meet the needs of each medical department.

Stable Image Over Time

A monitor's brightness and grayscale tones naturally deviate over time. RadiForce combats this with a built-in calibration sensor that maintains brightness for easy quality control and stable image quality.


Closer view of medical staff using Eizo Monitors

Effortless Installation

In collaboration with business partners, EIZO verifies the compatibility of healthcare workstations (WS) / desktop PCs with EIZO monitors. With our years of experience and know-how, we undertake professional testing on new WSs and PCs as soon as they're released. EIZO provides the assurance needed for effortless installation in the healthcare field, where reliability is everything.

We verify aspects such as:

  • Stable operation with WS/PCs
  • Image quality that can display DICOM medical images





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LG Medical Monitors

Learn about LG’s innovative medical monitors and displays.
Leveraging years of experience in flat panel display technology and leading the world in the premium monitor market, LG Electronics offers a new and exciting product line-up formulated and optimised specifically for medical environments. LG Electronics has developed a wide range of advanced technologies that assist the major advancements in the field of specialised care, an industry that relies on high-tech integration, quality and support.

LG Electronics has developed world class Diagnostic Reporting workstations to meet the demanding medical imaging needs from Multimodality Monitors to Mammography with the latest imaging technologies and strictest quality control. The sleek ergonomic versatile design is especially suitable for the ongoing needs for home Diagnostic Reporting.

LG Medical Showroompicture with desk and monitor


Primary Diagnostic Monitors

Diagnostic Reporting Monitor – 32HL512D

31.5” 8MP (3840×2160) Nano IPS Colour Diagnostic Monitor with Multi Resolution and Clinical Pathology Modes, Auto Luminance Calibration, Picture-by-picture (PBP) Dual Controller & Ergonomic Stand.

TGA, RANZCR and AAPM compliant with 5-year LG Factory warranty

LG 32HL512D Diagnostic Reporting Monitor with x-ray images on it


Mammography Multimodality Diagnostic Reporting Monitor – 31HN713D

31” 12MP (4200×2800) IPS Diagnostic Monitor for Mammography with Multi-resolution Modes, Pathology Mode, Self-calibration, Focus View, PBP and Dual Controller

TGA, Diagnostic Mammography RANZCR and AAPM compliant with 5-year LG Factory warranty.

LG 31HN713D Medical Mammography Multimodality Diganostic Reporting Monitor with mammograpy images on it



Clinical Review Monitors

Clinical Review Monitor – 27HJ713C-B

27” IPS 8MP (4200×2800), DICOM Part 14, 350nits (Typ.) & sRGB 99%

LG 27HK713C-B Medical Clinical Review Monitor with x-rays on it


Surgical Monitors

Surgical Monitor – 32HL710S

32” (3840×2160) LCD IPS 4K Surgical Monitor supports up to 4PBP, PIP and HDR10, Dustproof and Water-resistant

Surgical Monitor – 27HK510

27” (1920×1080) FHD IPS, HDR10, Dustproof and Water-resistant

Picture of 2 surgeons beside LG surgical monitor 


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