• Podoblock Bucky Lite
  • Podoblock Bucky Lite
  • Podoblock Bucky Lite
  • Podoblock Bucky Lite
  • Podoblock Bucky Lite
  • Podoblock Bucky Lite

Podoblock Bucky Lite

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$2,310.00 (inc GST)


Podoblock Bucky Lite

The Podoblock Bucky Lite is highly portable designed for Human use.

With our new Bucky Lite model, you have an all-purpose mobile, collapsible stand that is efficient, and practical in your daily working environment. The Bucky Lite stand is available in one model and is light-weighted for easy transport or carrying around.

To set up, simply push down the slide bar located on the vertical tube and the connecting base wheels will extend outwards, and set into working position. It requires no tools or skills, and no loose components. The whole process takes only 5 seconds!

For added usability and compatibility, there is a slide & lock adapter at the top of the tripod for connecting to the integrated 3D adjustable joint to our (optional) DR-Buckybox or DR-Cowboybox. It takes only 2 seconds!

Key Features:

- The stand can be used outside the hospital
- Available for all CR cassette and DR flat panels (with optional Buckybox)
- Suitable for patient examinations with standing thorax views (in combination with our Stat-X Vaquero)
- Maximum height of the bracket for the Protective box is 150 cm
- Vertical travel of the telescopic tube is tube is tube is 60 cm
- Easily transported with a with a weight of 4.2 Kg and 94 x 23 x 23 cm dimensions
- Comes with 5 swivel wheels (2 a locking brake)

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