• Konica AeroDR3 14x17" Premium HD DR Flat Panel Detector System

Konica AeroDR3 14x17" Premium HD DR Flat Panel Detector System

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Konica AeroDR3 Premium HD DR Flat Panel Detector System

High Image Quality

High DQE and Lower Doses
Konica Minolta introduces the latest technological advances with the AeroDR 3 “High sensitivity TFT panel.” “The thicker CsI scintillator” and new ROIC can reduce the electrical noise level by 50% or more. Now we can provide patients and AeroDR users with high detector quantum efficiency (DQE) and half of dose with Aero DR3 when compared with previously cleared Konica-Minolta systems.

Thicker CsI Scintillator
The scintillator material is evenly distributed from the bottom to the top of the panel, and it is more than 20% thicker than the AeroDR 2 1417HQ panel. This helps provide the high DQE.

Performance of 100 micron pixels
The pixels are 100µm across, and this small size helps ensure clear images.

Lightweight and Robust Structure

New Grip Design
Weighing just 2.6 kg (including battery), the panel is light in weight, and a new grip design makes it even easier and safer to handle.

Super Monocoque Housing Structure
KonicaMinolta has developed a new detector design to provide easy handling and high durability.

Load Resistance
The AeroDR3 panel has undergone a variety of internal tests based on some assumed extreme operating scenarios.

Bend Resistance
KonicaMinolta assumed an operating scenario in which a 130 kg patient lies on the AeroDR 3 panel main body for a bedside exposure, and designed the detector such that it would not affect the processed image or suffer internal damage.
- Point Load 180kg
- Surface Load 400kg
- Bend Pressure 130kg

Sustain IPX6 waterproof compliance even after the panel was dropped from a height of 1.0m
The AeroDR 3 panel has cleared the durability test for water resistance after dropping it from a height of 1m.
The structure of the AeroDR 3 panel does not allow liquids to penetrate or damage the main components.

*The internal test condition is that the AeroDR3 1417HD main body is dropped once onto a concrete floor that has a 2mm-thick sheet laid on it, after which the water resistance test is conducted. Depending upon the operating conditions and detector status, the IPX6 water resistance may be lost.

Each AeroDR3 panel has passed the MIL-STD-810G drop strength test
MIL-STD-810G is defined by the U.S. Department of Defense.
Drop strength is one of the test items(. Drop strength test : it is dropped on a total of 26 places once each from the height of 122 cm (48 inches).
The 26 places are 6 planes above plywood, 12 ridgelines, and 8 vertices.)

Rapid cycle time
The AeroDR3 can handle large image data and provide short cycle times even though the image data is taken by 100 micron pixels.

*With 200 micron pixels and in wireless mode, the cycle time is 4 s.

The pixel size is selectable between 100 microns or 200 microns
AeroDR3 users can select a pixel size of 100 microns or 200 microns before taking an X-ray. This allows users to control the image data size, if they need to save storage space. After taking the X-ray, the CS-7 image-processing workstation has options to output images to save data space.

High Performance Power Cell
The AeroDR3 1417HD is powered by a lithium ion capacitor for high performance.
The Lithium ion capacitor charges from 0 to 100% in 30 min.*4

*4When using the AeroDR Battery Charger2 or interface cable 3
Charging Time 30min

Updated AeroSync Technology
If the X-ray generator has low power or body parts are thick, the updated AeroSync technology of the AeroDR 3 supports a wider range of techniques than current AeroSync specs indicate.

Its sophisticated functions will enrich your daily examination work flow

X-ray Radiography Posible without Console
“AeroStorage” X-ray Radiography in Emergencies. Switch the AeroDR 3 to Aero Storage mode, and perform exposure X-ray without a console.
The number of saved images is 100.

Integrated control station CS-7
CS-7 can control AeroDR detectors and connect to CR readers.
( Please contact your ARO Systems regarding which devices can connect to CS-7)

Tube and gauze image enhancement
CS-7 can highlight tube and gauze images that are difficult to be detected with normal images

*Optional license is necessary to use this function

Intelligent Grid
This is image processing to improve contrast which is affected by scattered radiation without a grid. This function provides easy workflow, and the operator need not carry it to perform an exam. Three types of parameters are available from comparable grid ratios; 3:1/ 6:1/ 8:1/10:1/12:1.

Konica AeroDR3 Premium HD DR Flat Panel Detector System

Konica AeroDR3 Premium HD DR Flat Panel Detector

Product name: AeroDR3 1417HD (P-61)
Detection method: Indirect conversion method
Scintillator: CsI
External dimensions( W×D×H): 384×460×15mm (15.1×18.1×0.6 inches)
Weight: 2.6kg(5.7lb)
Pixel size: 100 / 200 µm
Image area size: 348.8×425.6mm (13.7× 16.8 inches)
AD conversion: 16 bit (65,536 gradients)
Usable grid frequency: 60 / 40 / 34 lp/cm
Communication: Dedicated wired Ethernet connection / Wireless LAN( IEEE802.11a / 802.11n compliant)
W-LAN encryption: Wireless encryption method: AES / Authentication method : WPA2-PSK
Auto Exposure Detection: Available(AeroSync)
Expected product life time: Same as the lifetime of AeroDR 3 1417HD main body


Point load*3: 180 kg @f40 mm
Face load: 400 kg @ effective image area overall
Water resistance*4: IPX6 including power cell

Cycle time*5:

100 µm
- Approx. 6s with dedicated wired connection
- Approx. 7s with wireless LAN connection
200 µm
- Approx. 4s with dedicated wired connection
- Approx. 4s with wireless LAN connection

Battery performance

Operating time*6: Approx. 309 images/8.6 h
(200 µm with wireless LAN connection): *Assuming that the AeroDR system is connected to an X-ray system, the interval between studies is 5 min, and three image s are captured in each study, and assuming 20s for each exposure to position the patient.
Charging time empty to full: Within 30 min
Maximum stand by time*7: Approx. 13 h

*1 AeroDR3 Sysytem is the commercial product name of SKR 3000.

*2 AeroDR 3 1417HD / AeroDR 3 1717HD / AeroDR 3 101 2HQ is the commercial name of P-61 / P-71 / P-81 of SKR3000. With regard to t he tested values listed above, measurement methods follow KonicaMinolta standards. system

*3 Dead loading does not affect the processed image or panel. Robustness against loading of the AeroDR 3 1417HD / AeroDR 3 1717HD / AeroDR 3 1012HQ does not provide any guarantees against damage or breakage.

*4 The water resistance performance of AeroDR 3 1417HD / AeroDR 3 1717HD / AeroDR 3 1012HQ does not provide any guarantees of perfect water resistance, nor that it cannot be damaged or broken.

*5 Specifications may vary depending on system configuration or environment. The specifications described above assume that AeroDR 3 1417HD / AeroDR 3 1717HD / AeroDR 3 1012HQ is connected to an X-ray generator.

*6 The specifications assume that 3 exposures are taken within one study and that the time between studies is 5 min. They also assume that it takes 20s to position the patient. This also assumes that the AeroDR 3 1417HD / AeroDR 3 1717HD / AeroDR 3 1012HQ is linked to an X-ray generator and is also connected to a CS-7 image processing workstation.

*7 The specifications described above are based on a full battery charge and may vary depending on system configuration and environment.

Recommended storage and usage environment conditions

When operating:
(Temperature) 10 to 35c (30 to 95F)
(Humidity) 35 to 80% (ensure no water condensation)
(Atmospheric pressure) 700 to 1060 hPa

When not operating:
Temperature: -10 to 40? (14 to 104?)
Humidity: 20 to 90% (ensure no water condensation)
Atmospheric pressure: 700 to 1060 hPa

In storage / transport:
Temperature: -20 to 50c (-4 to122F)
Humidity: 20 to 90% (ensure no water condensation)
Atmospheric pressure: 700 to 1060 hPa
* Performance warranty period when storing at 50c is 6 months after packing.

ARO i5 Workstation DR Workstation

- Intel Core i5 Processor
- 250GB SSD main drive + 1TB Image Store + 1TB Backup Hard Drive
- Windows 10 Professional
- Antivirus Software
- Remote Access Support Software
- 27" 8MP Clinical Review Monitor, DICOM Gray Scale Calibrated
- UPS (Battery Backup) and High Grade Surge Protector
- 3 Year Parts Warranty (Conditions apply)

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice

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