• GoDR iRay Mars 1417X Small Animal DR System
  • GoDR iRay Mars 1417X Small Animal DR System
  • GoDR iRay Mars 1417X Small Animal DR System
  • GoDR iRay Mars 1417X Small Animal DR System
  • GoDR iRay Mars 1417X Small Animal DR System

GoDR iRay Mars 1417X Small Animal DR System

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GoDR iRAY Mars 1417X Small Animal DR System

This system has the amazing GoDR software bundled with the impressive iRay Mars 14x17X 100µm CsI Flat Panel Detector, along with workstation, touch screen and everything that you need to make a complete system.

GoDR Vet Acquisition Software
GoDR™ is an X-ray image processing and acquisition software developed by SmartCareworks Inc. It is compatible with a wide range of industry leading X-ray detectors and generators.

GoDR™ is the most innovative software to acquire and process digital x-rays images. With veterinary specific features such species and integrated dental option such as tooth picking and full mouth series, all your x-ray capability is in one place. You can easily upgrade your current software to GoDR! You just need to check the compatibility list with us and your done!

iRay 14x17" High-Performance Cassette-size Wireless a-Si Flat Panel Detector
The iRay Mars 1417X is a best in class 14x17-inch wireless, cassette-sized flat panel detector for radiographic imaging. It features a 100µm pixel pitch with direct deposition CsI. Cutting-edge technologies include a novel light-weight housing design with IP56 ingress protection, in-tray battery charging, and reliable low power automatic exposure detection (AED). With its exceptional image quality the Mars 1417X is an excellent choice for high-end DR systems.

Key GoDR Features:
- Vet specific interface
- Full touch screen
- Vet specific tools suchs as TTA, TPLO
- Easy procedure mapping allowing common sequences to be easily built
- Integrated dental tooth picker and Full Mouth Series with otional dental scanner
- Full integration with mutlpile DR Flat Panel Detectors

Key iRay DR Flat Panel Detector Features:
- Best-in-class 100µm pixel pitch with 16-bit ADC for more image detail
- Direct deposition Csl, with excellent DQE at all frequencies
- Full AED control, exposure at any time
- Supports a fast workflow for a better user
- Wireless cassette detector per ISO 4090, fits in bucky experience
- ISO Standard 14x17" size
- Detector Weight 3.0kg
- Large capacity battery design, with 8 hours battery life
- Lightweight design with IP56 ingress protection

Included in the System:
- GoDR Software
- iRay 14x17" 100µm Flat Panel Detector
- Eizo Medical Grade 24" Touch screen
- Industrial Computer
- Local Backup Drive
- 3m Network Cable
- UPS (Battery backup)
- Industrial Surge Filter
- Configured and tested ready to go

GoDR iRAY Mars 1417X Small Animal DR System

iRay Mars 1417X a-SI Flat Panel Detector

Detector Technology: Amorphous Silicon
Scintillator: CsI
Active Area (inch): 14 x 17"
Pixel Matrix: 4267 x 4267
Pixel Pitch (µm): 100
Spatial Resolution (lp/mm): 5
AD Conversion (bit): 16
Battery Autonomy (h): 8
WiFi: 2.4G and 5G, IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Trigger Mode: AED (Optional) / Software
Internal Image Storage(pcs): >100
Full Image Time (s): 3

Physical Specifications
Dimensions (mm3): 460 x 460 x 15
Weight (kg): 3.0
Static Loading: 300kg
Ingress Protection: IP56

Storage & Operating Temperatures
Operating Temperature (C): 10 ~ 35
Storage & Transport Temperature with Package (C): -20 ~ 60
Operating Humidity (% RH): 5 ~ 90 (Non-Condensing)
Storage & Transport Humidity with Package (% RH): 5 ~ 95 (Non-Condensing)

ARO i5 Workstation DR Workstation

- Intel Core i5 Processor
- 500GB SSD main drive + 1TB Image Store + 1TB Backup Hard Drive
- Windows 10 Professional
- Antivirus Software
- Remote Access Support Software
- 24" Monitor, DICOM Gray Scale Calibrated
- UPS (Battery Backup) and Grade Surge Protector
- 3 Year Parts Warranty (Conditions apply)

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice

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