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Vet Clinic, Practice & Hospital Solutions

We have helped vets address a range of challenges through our veterinary solutions.

Working in the veterinary industry, you’ve made a commitment to your patients and their owners to provide the very best veterinary care possible. However, not having access to the right veterinary equipment can significantly compromise your ability to deliver on this promise.

When they first come to us, many of our clients were deeply troubled by the veterinary equipment they were using, and were being held back as a result. Issues we help our clients solve include:

  • Lack of integration between key practice systems (practice management systems, modalities, storage);
  • Lack of DICOM support in equipment;
  • Imaging equipment that have not been specifically designed for veterinary use (i.e.: no breed or species fields)
  • Lack of or unsuitable image storage platform;
  • Ageing modalities that are underperforming;
  • Lack of user support on equipment;
  • Errors in patient information;
  • Inability to easily share images with refers; and
  • Lack of mobile-ready imaging solutions;
  • Specialist veterinary equiment designed for the job.


What our Clients Say:


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The University of Adelaide

Bessy Rasmussen, Director of the Veterinary Health Centres, shared that there were a number of short comings with the PACS, “It was far from what we needed to meet our requirements.

From an educational point of view, we couldn’t show students the images we wanted to share with them when we wanted to. And from the point of view of running the commercial arm of the Centres, we simply couldn’t do so with a system that just didn’t work for us”


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Legacy Pet Care

The team at Legacy Pet Care led by Dr Annette Miller explained after doing lots of research, were convinced that the Vetcorder™ Classic would be ideal for their practice in assisting to monitoring animals in the hospital or on oxygen.

"In fact, we have only had it a month and already it has been sensitive to pick up a cardiac arrest of a cat in recovery. We are even thinking of getting another, because for the price, it is legendary." 


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How can we help?

We work with vet practices, animal hospitals, referral and emergency centres in Australia and New Zealand, helping them gain access to the latest in veterinary solutions.

ARO System’s Vet of the Future offering combines all of the latest in veterinary-specific technology to create a solution that is customized to you and your needs. Our industry experts can provide recommendations based on your current situation and your aspirations for the future around:




With both in-house PACS installations and Cloud PACS, we have an option for your needs. Storing your DICOM imaging studies has never been easier.

ARO Cloud PACS is a complete, easy-to-use and affordable solution. Adapted for storing, viewing and distributing any veterinary imaging studies and reports. It combines a fast DICOM archive with a web-based viewing and a managing interface in one system.

ARO Cloud PACS works with an array of imaging modalities and reading stations, giving you the ability to have an adapted and customised PACS systems to suit your veterinary practice.


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Vet Digital Radiography System and Panel

Digital Radiography

Looking to upgrade from CR to Digital Radiography System? We can help you out.

With a wide range or DR panel sizes and configurations, we can supply you with the best custom built Digital Radiography system's to suit you and your practice. 


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X-Ray Equipment

Need fixed or portable veterinary x-ray equipment?

We have a range of fixed installation x-ray tables and portable x-ray machines.

With floating top tables, elevating tables, and portable x-ray generators in a range of output power options, we can tailor an option for you.


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 Portable X-Ray Machine on Table




With a range of veterinary specific ultrasounds to suit small animal, equine and production animal applications, there will be something to suit your application.

With trolley based, portable laptop style, wireless tablet based and specific production based ultrasounds with a range of probes to suit all applications, ARO Systems has carefully selected what we consider to be some of the best options for veterinary use.


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We supply a wide range of dental equipment, giving you the ability to provide a high quality vet dental experience to your customers. Everything from hand instruments, dental x-ray, dental scanners and sensors, to dental workstations and carts and burs and prophy tips to go with the carts.

Also check out our dedicated dental bur page. Describing all the different burs within the industry standards and their use, providing you with quality information for the best outcome.


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 Dentanomic Dental Handles

Radiation Apron

Radiation Protection

We at ARO Systems aim to provide you with the best radiation protective gowns on the market, to help protect you and your team be protected. Thats why we only stock and provide Bar-Ray Radiation Protective Garments that meet TGA and AS/NZS 4543.3:2000 regulatory standards. Pick between our Aprons, vest or skirts.


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Patient Monitoring

With the superbly small and compact Sentier Vetcorder range to the larger fully featured patient monitors and NIBP (Non-Invasive Blood Pressure) monitors you can monitor all the vital signs you need including ETCO2.

With Bluetooth and WiFi technology featuring strongly in the range, some monitoring can be done remotely or at longer distances. Need an output electronincally, ECG PDFs and other features are available.


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 Vetcorder and BMV Patient Monitor


Have a look at some of our range in these short videos: