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Medical Solutions

Our medical imaging solutions have helped practices across Australia address various problems.

Working in the medical industry, you’ve committed to your patients by providing the best care possible. However, not having access to the right equipment can significantly compromise your ability to deliver on this promise.

When they first came to us, many of our clients were deeply troubled by the outdated imaging solutions they were using and were being held back. Issues we help our clients solve include:

  • Lack of integration between key practice systems (practice management systems, modalities, storage);
  • Lack of or unsuitable image storage platform;
  • Ageing modalities that are underperforming;
  • Lack of user support on equipment;
  • Inability to easily share images with refers; and
  • Lack of mobile-ready imaging solutions.


How can we help?

We work with radiologists and radiographers throughout Australia, helping them gain access to the latest in medical imaging solutions, including:




With both in-house PACS installations and Cloud PACS, we have an option for your needs. Storing your DICOM imaging studies has never been easier.

ARO Cloud PACS is a complete, easy-to-use and affordable solution. It is adapted for storing, viewing and distributing any Medical imaging studies and reports. It combines a fast DICOM archive with a web-based viewing and a managing interface in one system.

ARO Cloud PACS works with an array of imaging modalities and reading stations, allowing you to have adapted and customised PACS systems to suit your Medical PACS needs.


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Med PACS on Medical Monitor



Digital Radiography

Are you looking to upgrade from CR to Digital Radiography System? We can help you out.

With a wide range of DR panel sizes and configurations, we can supply you with the best custom-built Digital Radiography systems to suit you and your practice. 


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Medical Monitors

We make sure that you can pair your high quality x-ray images with a high quality, certified, medical monitor to help streamline your work flow.

Eizo's medical monitors and medical display solutions address imaging needs, including mammography displays, PACS displays, tomosynthesis displays, endoscopy, x-ray, ultrasound or sectional imaging, and provide a critical part of the diagnostic chain.


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Eizo RX1270 Medical Monitor

Radiation Apron

Radiation Protection

We at ARO Systems aim to provide you with the best radiation protective gowns on the market, to help protect you and your team be protected. Thats why we only stock and provide Bar-Ray Radiation Protective Garments that meet TGA and AS/NZS 4543.3:2000 regulatory standards. Pick between our Aprons, vest or skirts.


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